Twin Creeks

After dining here the words that come to mind when thinking about this place are: comfortable and great value.  Twin Creeks is the steak house in the Silverton casino and while I’ve been in this casino dozens of times I didn’t think about eating here until just recently. When you walk in there’s a small bar and lounge to the right. Just past that to the left and further back into the restaurant is one of the most comfortable dining rooms I’ve been to recently. There are some secluded booths that would be perfect for a romantic night out and plenty of other tables with over-sized leather sofas that make you feel like you’re at home the second you sit down. It’s a perfect setting to get your self into a food coma.

We weren’t that hungry so we decided to split an app and entree. First up were the crab cakes ($15). It came out as two small ones with three pieces of asparagus all on top of some sauce that probably had a ton of butter. The description said they were jumbo lump crab cakes but there weren’t any large chunks of crab. I still can’t find crab cakes that come close to real Maryland ones but these were pretty good nonetheless.

Our entree came with a salad that split for us. Nice touch. It was good, as far as salads go. The main dish ($42) was a special that isn’t always on their menu — Alaskan king crab legs. After a long wait (maybe half and hour or more after we finished the salad) it came out. 2.5 large legs cut lengthwise along with a gravy boat of clarified butter… yum! There was plenty of sweet, soft crab meat to fill both of us up. The dish also came out with more asparagus and a large baked potatoes with all the fixins on the side (the large, diced up chunks of bacon were amazing).

Service was solid, but they could have timed the dishes better. The food and atmosphere were great, making this place an ideal spot for anyone looking for a nice, “fancy” meal out at a reasonable price. It isn’t cheap, but compared to places on the strip Twin Creeks is an amazing value for the quality of food served.

4.5 Stars

The Silverton Casino
3333 Blue Diamond Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89139
(702) 263-7777

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