Leonard’s Bakery

I couldn’t leave Oahu without stopping by one of it’s most popular landmarks — Leonard’s! My last day on vacation I finally made my way down there and it didn’t disappoint. Well, actually, there was one let down — a walnut brownie that was dry and crumbly. The rest that I tried, however, lived up to the hype. My order consisted of two original malasadas, one original cinnamon, a malasada puff with custard and one filled with chocolate. Served warm, they were the pillowy bites of heaven I expected. I didn’t care that I had sugar all over my face and hands. Nothing was going to stop me from indulging in these amazing treats. The puff with chocolate may have been my favorite, but the originals were so perfect in their simplicity that choosing a favorite is like choosing your favorite kid. You just can’t do it and have to love them all, and that’s what I did with all five malasadas.

5 Stars

933 Kapahulu Ave
Honolulu, HI 96816
(808) 737-5591

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