This chain, with locations in California, Texas, Washington, Vancouver, and now Nevada, not only has good ramen but excellent service. Happy hour specials are the way to go if you’re dining on a budget. For $3 you can get a decent cut of pork belly covered in a sauce that balances sweet and tanginess in their Jinya bun.

On their regular menu the Jinya No.1 tonkotsu black ($10.55) is a medium-sized bowl filled with a creamy pork broth with just enough heat to clear the sinuses. They’ll let you substitute thick noodles for the typical thin ones if you’l like. The single, large slice of pork in the bowl had enough fat to deliver a blast of savory-sweet flavor with each bite.

Service was friendly and informative. I also admire them for denying alcohol to a belligerent customer too drunk to make a coherent sentence. As long as it isn’t me, I’m completely ok with that.

4 Stars 

4860 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 868-8877

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  • You are stupid says:

    You Gave this a 4 star and its on dirty dining! You are out of your mind!

  • Clint loves this place specially when it’s on dirty dining. Right Clint? You would eat and recommend this place. How much $ did they pay you? You know, we know how you operate.

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