Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill

The menu at Wolfgang Puck’s first off-the-Strip restaurant in Las Vegas may not be groundbreaking, but the execution has been excellent almost every visit. Add to that a dark, comfortable dining area with views into an open kitchen and you’ve got a spot that has gained much popularity since opening in the new Downtown Summerlin shopping district.

Like other Wolfgang spots around town, you’ll find pizzas. The Asian BBQ chicken pizza ($14) lacked enough hoisin to give it a distinct Asian flavor, but the chicken, broccoli, chiles and cilantro still made it a satisfying dish. I preferred the potato leek pizza ($12) with its sweet garlic, goat cheese and guanciale toppings. The chewy crust on both showed an ample amount of char and blisters and delivered some great flavors.

There are a handful of pasta dishes on the menu. The hand-crafted rags of pasta that make up the garganelli ($15) were impressive. The turkey bolognese sauce added much savoriness while the basil whipped ricotta added a touch of sweetness.

Among entrees simplicity seems to be the concept behind every dish. The sea bass ($34) looks like a minimally plated dish but is expertly seasoned and roasted, sitting atop a gremolata and garlic spinach. Equally bare is a tender, lean grilled New York strip ($37) topped with an herb butter coating its well charred exterior and accompanied by a handful of skinny fries. Their mesquite grilled burger ($12) won’t win any awards for originality, but it’s a well crafted combination of aged cheddar, red onion marmalade, and bacon aioli atop a patty larger than the bun it’s in.

For dessert the bread pudding ($9) and molten chocolate cake ($9) are tried and true dishes that will satisfy your need for a sugar fix. Their best option is a flaky and buttery apple crostada ($8) with caramel and vanilla gelato.

The familiar fare may not push culinary boundaries, but it should play well to the Summerlin crowd. There are plenty of dishes that are approachable yet elevated when compared to similar spots on this side of town. It’s “something for everyone” approach is great for local families and folks who don’t consider themselves “foodies” yet still has enough well crafted plates to satisfy more sophisticated palates.

4 Stars

Downtown Summerlin
10955 Oval Park Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89135
(702) 202-6300

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