Sake Rok

Set your expectations appropriately before dining at this modern Japanese restaurant at the Park next to New York New York. This is the quintessential Las Vegas experience with a show, performed by the servers, that breaks out periodically throughout the night with an engaging MC, great dancers, and plenty of loud music. This isn’t the… Continue reading Sake Rok

The Coffee Cup

Popular because of its location off the main drag in Boulder City and because of their appearance on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, you’ll likely wait to get a table on a weekend. It’s a cool place with a surfing theme throughout. They’re known for their Blood Maries, although I didn’t have one. I… Continue reading The Coffee Cup

Grandma Daisy’s

Grandma Daisy’s has plenty of old school charm to go with a wide variety of sweet treats, some made in house while many others are created by outside vendors. You’ll find ice cream, truffles, candy, fudge, popcorn, novelty gifts, and more. The truffles, made by Sweet Shop USA, would have been better with a softer… Continue reading Grandma Daisy’s

Bomb Tacos

Located in the same plaza as Other Mama, The Rice Shop, Zaytoon and others, Bomb Tacos took over the space formerly occupied by a couple other taco shops. But this is nothing like its predecessors. It’s run by Robert Solano, formerly of Mundo, and he brings a level of sophistication to the food that other… Continue reading Bomb Tacos

Metro Diner

*** Update: Business closed in early 2018 *** Due to personal reasons, my blogging has decreased the past several months and now I have a backlog of written or partially-written reviews three or four dozen deep. I’m finally getting around to posting again and while some may be outdated (this one included), they still may… Continue reading Metro Diner

The Patio Desserts & Drinks

Located a few doors down from Goyemon, off of Decatur. Despite its name, there isn’t an outdoor patio, but the interior, with its dark wood palettes, faux grass, swing, and plants, creates enough of an outdoor vibe that it doesn’t matter. They did a great job decorating this place. The modern, yet approachable and comforting… Continue reading The Patio Desserts & Drinks

Joe Maxx Coffee

This chain coffee shop from the midwest is open in southeast Vegas. The minimal, modern interior, full of art from local artists, is home to quality coffee drinks, pastries made in-house, breakfast sandwiches, and wraps. Specialty drinks are great options to get, like the black and tan (rich mocha steamed with creamy peanut butter) or… Continue reading Joe Maxx Coffee

Sweet Poké

This is the second location of the Sweet Poke chain. Located across the street for Gelatology and in the same plaza as Creamberry and Coco donuts, it follows the same format as most other local poke/sushi burrito places. They have some house specials or you can build your own. I opted for a regular sized… Continue reading Sweet Poké

Jean Philippe Patisserie

For anyone craving sweets, this spot is a must. It’s a much large space than their sister spot in the Bellagio and has a larger selection. They’ve got some of the most beautiful and artistic pastries in town with flavors that equal their beauty. Pastries are perfect any time of day. Their almond croissant was… Continue reading Jean Philippe Patisserie


Located in Parma’s old location, Cinnamon’s (a chain out of Hawaii) expanded the dining room and gave the interior the requisite 808 feel. I loved the guava flavor from the guava chiffon pancakes. Thick, yet fluffy, the short stack was a good portion size for me. The red velvet pancakes were dense and chocolatey, covered… Continue reading Cinnamon’s

Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill

I went here a while back with no reservation on a busy Thursday night and they were able to seat our party of 9 within 15 minutes. After reading mixed reviews of the place my expectations weren’t very high. But, I walked away impressed with several of the dishes. Crispy calamari was mixed with pickled… Continue reading Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill

Dirty Fork

Locally owned and operated, it’s another Hawaiian business bolstering the city’s claim as the “9th island.” The restaurant is located in the space formerly occupied by Norm’s Eggs Cafe. They’ve done a great job making the interior more inviting with darker woods and turquoise paint to give it more of an island feel. There’s a… Continue reading Dirty Fork


As part of the Orleans updated dining options, Bailiwick brings live entertainment, good drinks, and plenty of comfort food to a spacious gastropub setting. There’s plenty to like from their oversized menu starting with appetizers. You’ll find a massive pretzel with an ale house cheese fondue, deviled eggs topped with candied bacon, delicious wrapped dates… Continue reading Bailiwick

Le Pho Vietnamese Kitchen

A downtown hit since the day they opened, I finally had the chance to visit a while back. Located on the ground floor of the Juhl condos the interior is dark and intimate, despite it’s fairly large size. This is more refined and upscale Vietnamese food than what you’ll typically find on Spring Mountain Road.… Continue reading Le Pho Vietnamese Kitchen

Le Petit Café & Bakery

Their out-of-the-way location probably doesn’t draw many passerby’s, no doubt relying on traffic from the nearby hospital and office parks. But, it’s a spot worth visiting if you’re in the area Their bread pudding looked small as it arrived at the table, but was filling. Served warm, the center was soft and soaked through with… Continue reading Le Petit Café & Bakery

Poke Addiction

Located off of Lake Mead Blvd in the same complex as Whole Foods close to the 95, they have some suggested dishes/flavors but you can also customize bowls and burritos. Available ingredients are typical of what you’ll find elsewhere. Among their own creations I enjoyed their Gluttony bowl ($11.95). The combination of yellowtail, cucumber, sweet… Continue reading Poke Addiction

Tail and Fin

The second location of Tail & Fin opened up in the Trails Village — a part of Summerlin mostly devoid of good eateries. They took over the space formerly occupied by Dairy Queen and they’ve done a great job modernizing it. The interior is beautiful with a clean, contemporary look. Their brand is more developed… Continue reading Tail and Fin

To See Roll

This part of the southwest is littered with poke shops almost every block. But, the one I go to time and again has been To See Roll. Like most others, it’s a Subway/Chipotle style of assembling your food starting with a base (black rice is an option), protein, sauces, and toppings. I like the quality… Continue reading To See Roll


You won’t find trendy food at Chabuya, but you will find well crafted, traditional Japanese dishes where many items  are made from scratch in-house. After calling in the early afternoon to make a group reservation, I found out later that they are usually closed Sunday nights but the owner, Danny, was nice enough to stay… Continue reading Chabuya