South Rims Wine and Beer Garage

What’s a beer garage? apparently it’s a restaurant with a car inside. South Rims Wine and Beer Garage has a real ’67 Pontiac GTO right inside the front door. It’s a thing of beauty but a shame that no one gets to drive it. The restaurant has several sections to it. There’s the front patio,… Continue reading South Rims Wine and Beer Garage

The Station 66 Italian Bistro

Station 66 Italian Bistro was, by far, the best dining experience of our trip through northern Arizona. I loved everything about this place. Service was top notch,the interior is spacious and cool, there’s an outdoor patio with music, and most importantly the food and drinks were great. Wine and beer flights are available for $15… Continue reading The Station 66 Italian Bistro

Big Dipper Ice Cream & Yogurt

There weren’t a lot of options popping up when I searched for ice cream shops in Page, AZ. The most promising was Big Dipper ice cream, a locally owned spot that sells both Dreyer’s and Farr ice cream. With flavors both well-known and popular, this isn’t a spot to find anything unique. But, what they… Continue reading Big Dipper Ice Cream & Yogurt

State 48 Tavern

This western-themed gastropub in Page, AZ offers more than just American fare. The modern menu also has Italian, Asian, and Mexican influences. Unfortunately, the execution could be better. The beet salad ($7, half order) suffered from too much of the lemon basil vinaigrette and not enough beets or goat cheese. The patty in the Cowboy… Continue reading State 48 Tavern