Fine Ass Brand

Needing a “pick-me-up” driving along the Kamehameha highway after a long day of beaching and eating, we pulled over to check out Fine Ass Brand. The name alone grabs your attention. But, it’s the chocolate inside the shop that will have you wanting to return. The owner was there giving away free samples. After trying… Continue reading Fine Ass Brand

Ono Steaks

After leaving Hanauma Bay and traveling north west around the island, this was a welcome find. They either have or had a food truck with the same name, but this review is for the brick and mortar spot. Small with several tables both inside and out for diners, it’s a casual environment where you order… Continue reading Ono Steaks

Polynesian Cultural Center: Alii Luau

One of the great attractions we visited during our trip was the Polynesian Cultural Center on the north shore. Full of  great exhibits and fun performances and shows, I was hoping the dining would be equally as good. The Alii luau was part of our admission package to the PCC. Touted as their most popular dining… Continue reading Polynesian Cultural Center: Alii Luau

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

A fun, lively atmosphere, a kid-friendly environment, food choices for every type of eater, and an interactive dining experience make Gyu-Kaku the perfect spot for friends and family to dine. Expect long wait times (30 minutes or more) during peak hours so make reservations or call ahead. An order of edamame is free with a… Continue reading Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

Doraku Sushi

After our stellar experience at another, much smaller, Japanese spot a few days earlier, Doraku  couldn’t live up to our expectations. Located in a large mall full of high end shops and tourists around every corner, this is the kind of trendy, style-first restaurant that most people will either love or hate. It was created… Continue reading Doraku Sushi