DaMoim opened to some buzz back in 2010 when it was featured in the Washington Post and other publications soon after. I’ll admit, I get excited when I hear about fusion restaurants.  Others may cringe, but the promise of something new and exciting forces me to bookmark a place for a future visit. When I… Continue reading DaMoim

The All American Steakhouse & Sports Theater

My trip to DC brought me all the way down the 95 to visit family and when you’re a good 45 minutes outside of the city, eating out usually means picking from one of the major chain restaurants. So, in an area dominated by the likes of Olive Garden and PF Changs, you’d be hard… Continue reading The All American Steakhouse & Sports Theater

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Really good fast food burgers. We got a cheeseburger with everything. The two beef patties were thick, greasy, and juicy… it definitely hit the spot. I still prefer In-N-Out to Five Guys, but they’re not far behind. The fries at Five Guys are far superior to any fast food chain. They’re thick and perfectly seasoned.… Continue reading Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Jojo’s Original Softserve

Jo Jo’s is a cute little food stand off of Route 1 that serves all forms of soft-serve ice cream. If you want sundaes, banana splits, soft-serve in a cup or cone, they’ve got it. They have a bunch of different flavors to mix in, including seasonal ones like piña colada and pumpkin.We tried a… Continue reading Jojo’s Original Softserve