Naka Sushi

They’ve got high marks on Yelp, but I was disappointed. It’s an AYCE spot off of Lake Mead Blvd. and I found most rolls to be poorly crafted. Rolls were falling apart before even picking them up and they seemed to have an excessive amount of rice. The quality wasn’t great either with one roll… Continue reading Naka Sushi


Their showroom is massive. You could spend half a day just walking around and looking at everything. Their furniture may not be high quality, but it is affordable. And, looking to decorate my kid’s room, we found several things here that he loved. I also found plenty of stuff to buy for myself — kitchen… Continue reading IKEA

Chronic Tacos

Located in the food court of the Palms, this is the only current location in Vegas, but there was a previous one located in the northwest, I believe. It’s a Subway-style ordering process where you pick and customize your food along an assembly line. It’s fast and prices are slightly high but reasonable. This isn’t… Continue reading Chronic Tacos

Chef Marc’s Trattoria

I loved Chef Marc’s old restaurant Parma, but was underwhelmed by my experience here back in January. The breading on the calamari was a soggy, limp mess. Lettuce in the Caesar salad wasn’t dried properly making it a watery disaster. The malfiata/deconstructed lasagna was unremarkable. The sauce was lacking in flavor and the whole dish… Continue reading Chef Marc’s Trattoria

Anise Tapas & Grill

This place has so much promise. I was easily swayed to visit by a diverse menu filled with dishes from just about every country touching the Mediterranean, great reviews, and its proximity to home. Occupying a space that used to house the coffee shop Something’s Brewing, it looks like they’ve inherited some of their pub… Continue reading Anise Tapas & Grill

Rachel’s Kitchen

This locally-owned, growing chain touts “wholesome food – delicious recipes.” They do have some decent food, especially when in need for a quick meal. Without a doubt I’d rather come here instead of any national fast food chain. Healthy options are plentiful on their menu, but I tend to go for the bad stuff like… Continue reading Rachel’s Kitchen

Oasis Asian Kitchen

Oasis Kitchen looks to be a real mom-n-pop shop, with an older Asian lady manning the front of house and an older guy manning the back. I’m all for supporting local businesses, unfortunately I was underwhelmed with their product. Mongolian beef was excessively oily with a touch too much sweetness from the sauce, while the… Continue reading Oasis Asian Kitchen

Portofino by Chef Michael LaPlaca

I’m a fan of Italian. I love pasta and all the carbs that follow. But after a disappointing meal at Fiamma and now a mediocre meal at Portofino I’m willing to forsake the cuisine all together. Portofino, the restaurant formerly known as Onda, at the Mirage is a beautiful and intimate space ornately decorated with… Continue reading Portofino by Chef Michael LaPlaca

Basil ‘n Lime

This place is alright. The pad thai with chicken ($9.95) was a solid rendition of the classic dish but not good enough to think it’s any different from the million other Thai places that serve it. The ginger and mushroom chicken ($9.95) was heavy on the celery, light on chicken and extremely bland. There was… Continue reading Basil ‘n Lime

The Big Texan Steak Ranch

The epitome of kitschy. This place takes the western and cowboy theme and turns it up to level eleven. From the facade reminiscent of an old town during the westward expansion to the matching interior complete with gift shop and toy shooting gallery, there’s no doubt you’ll know you’re in Texas. Their menu boasts of… Continue reading The Big Texan Steak Ranch


Having had a good meal at La Cave in the past, I had reasonably high expectations coming into this other Michael Morton restaurant. The overhaul of the former Nobhill space in the MGM Grand has resulted in a dark, intimate atmosphere perfect for a date night yet casual enough for a group gathering. The menu… Continue reading Crush

Simon Restaurant and Lounge

***Update: business closed*** I don’t have many regrets in life, but eating brunch at Simon is one of them. It was quite possibly one of the biggest wastes of money I’ve ever spent at a restaurant. Mediocre food along with mediocre service made for a poor dining experience at a place know for brunch. It’s… Continue reading Simon Restaurant and Lounge

Taiga Modern Japanese & Thai Restaurant

***Update: business closed*** With my Groupon about to expire I made my way across town to check out Taiga. My experience reminded me why I rarely buy Groupons anymore — the restaurants usually aren’t very good. The interior is chic and sexy with some really comfortable chairs. That’s pretty much the highlights of the place.… Continue reading Taiga Modern Japanese & Thai Restaurant

Manhattan Fish Grill

***Update: business closed*** I’m a fan of fast-casual restaurants that offer healthy and fresh options. I don’t always have time to cook at home and I don’t have the deep pockets to constantly eat at higher end spots. So, there’s plenty to like here. They specialize in fish cooked to order with your choice of… Continue reading Manhattan Fish Grill