The Coffee Cup

Popular because of its location off the main drag in Boulder City and because of their appearance on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, you’ll likely wait to get a table on a weekend. It’s a cool place with a surfing theme throughout. They’re known for their Blood Maries, although I didn’t have one. I… Continue reading The Coffee Cup

Metro Diner

*** Update: Business closed in early 2018 *** Due to personal reasons, my blogging has decreased the past several months and now I have a backlog of written or partially-written reviews three or four dozen deep. I’m finally getting around to posting again and while some may be outdated (this one included), they still may… Continue reading Metro Diner

Virgil’s Real Barbecue

No, this isn’t a restaurant from the south. It’s actually from New York, owned by the same company that created Carmine’s. The interior is what you’d expect from a BBQ joint — a rustic/country appeal with lots of wood and weathered signs. I was with a group of Instagrammers, invited by the restaurant, to sample… Continue reading Virgil’s Real Barbecue

Cagney’s Steakhouse

Our last dinner of the cruise, on Christmas night, was at Cagney’s Steakhouse on the 13th floor towards the back of the Jade. It’s a modern looking steakhouse with elegant, yet comfortable seating and decor. Appetizers to start included shrimp cocktail with three shrimp and minimal cocktail sauce; a delicious and substantial iceberg wedge salad;… Continue reading Cagney’s Steakhouse

Blue Lagoon Cafe

Blue Lagoon is a small cafe on the Norwegian Jade across from the Brazilian steakhouse, serving what they call “comfort food.” What that is, is typical bar fare and classic American favorites like burgers, hot dogs, potato skins, buffalo wings, and chicken tenders. Their grilled beef burger was better than the one found at Topsider’s… Continue reading Blue Lagoon Cafe


Topsider’s is the bar and grill located poolside on deck 12 of the Norwegian Jade. Throughout the day they’ll have several items to grab and go. For lunch, for example, they’ll have hot dogs, grilled chicken, salad, bratwurst, and hamburgers with toppings ranging from cheese to pineapple and bacon, or bleu cheese. The pineapple bacon… Continue reading Topsider’s

Biscuits Cafe

Biscuits Cafe is probably one of the most underrated breakfast spots in town. I’m a fan of cinnamon rolls and a fan of French toast, so the cinnamon roll French toast ($10.99) was a marriage made in fat-kid heaven. Sweet, cinnamon filled, doughy and delicious, there’s enough sweetness without being overpowering. The portion is large… Continue reading Biscuits Cafe

Bell’s BBQ

My meal at Bell’s was another comped experience for local Instagrammers. Family owned and operated, this rustic, yet hip spot features plenty of comfortable booths and table seating with a view into the kitchen. Order at the counter and wait for your food to come to you. The standouts from our meal were catfish beautifully… Continue reading Bell’s BBQ

Okavango Outpost

Okavango Outpost is one of the quickie/cafeteria style eateries in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. It’s stereotypical amusement park fare — meaning it’s bad and way overpriced. The gluten free chicken tenders had a weird neon orange color to it and were anything but tender. The soft pretzel was dry. The meatball sandwich was… Continue reading Okavango Outpost

Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant

I’ve driven by Blueberry Hill countless times and never given it much thought. But, having enjoyed a meal at one of their other locations, it was time to check out this location at the corner of Flamingo and Decatur with family in tow. The building was renovated a couple years back and the interior looks… Continue reading Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant

Salt ‘N Pepper Southern Comfort Bar and Grill

***Update: business closed*** Quickly taking over the short lived Tapas, Alex Stratta may have come up with a concept with more staying power than its predecessor. Serving up classic American fare/southern comfort food, this new spot addresses Tapas’s two biggest issues: price and portion size. Entrees here are all under $20 and portions for not… Continue reading Salt ‘N Pepper Southern Comfort Bar and Grill

Cedar Creek Inn

My recent trip to California included a stop at Cedar Creek Inn, a family owned and operated business with two locations. Arriving in the early evening for a private party, I was pleasantly surprised by the well executed food, stellar service, and cozy atmosphere. Their private covered patio is spacious and airy, perfect for cool… Continue reading Cedar Creek Inn

Cletus Chicken Shack

Located in Universal Studios, Cletus’ Chicken Shack will give you a glimpse into life in Springfield. And, apparently Springfield is pricey. Like the rest of Universal, you’ll spend a pretty penny on any meal. With no kid-sized meals the youngin’s have to pay full price for meals they’ll eat a fraction of. A chicken and… Continue reading Cletus Chicken Shack

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

I’ve been in love with southern food since a family trip through the south back in 1982. Since then I’ve had my share of southern dishes, but a recent trip to Yardbird in the Palazzo/Venetian for a friend’s birthday has given me an even greater appreciation for the cuisine. Their version of chicken and waffles… Continue reading Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

Bite Breakfast & Lunch

If there’s one thing this city isn’t lacking (other than steakhouses, nightclubs, and hookers) it’s breakfast spots. The owners of this place relocated their business from Sun City in Summerlin to the space formerly occupied by the short-lived Pasta Fresh. There’s not much decor to speak of other than wall art made from planks of… Continue reading Bite Breakfast & Lunch

Stewart + Ogden

***Update: business closed*** Located in the slowly sinking ship know as the Downtown Grand, I can only imagine that Stewart + Ogden was a cut above when Todd Harrington (formerly of Central, now at Yardbird) was at the helm. Now, it’s just slightly bette than your typical Downtown casino bistro/diner/all-purpose restaurant. Walking in from the… Continue reading Stewart + Ogden

Lakes Lounge

Who knew this place was so popular? From the outside, this lakeside shanty-looking building looks like it should be condemned. But step inside and you’ll see a well decorated interior with stone and glass, comfortable booths, large TVs,  and plenty of folks who seem to be regulars. On the menu are plenty of comfort food… Continue reading Lakes Lounge

Peppercorn Grille

Located right in the Big Bear Lake Village, it’s a location that’s sure to attract tourists and maybe some locals too. It’s a free standing tudor style building with it’s own parking lot. We stopped by for a late lunch so it wasn’t tough getting a spot. The interior is fairly small, but intimate and… Continue reading Peppercorn Grille

Teddy Bear Restaurant

Located in the newly renovated Big Bear Lake Village, Teddy Bear restaurant is a rustic diner serving classic American fare in an intimate space that was packed during our visit. The adjoining room where we dined for breakfast felt like a large storage closet, with an outdoor dining space just steps away. The execution of… Continue reading Teddy Bear Restaurant