The Coffee Cup

Popular because of its location off the main drag in Boulder City and because of their appearance on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, you’ll likely wait to get a table on a weekend. It’s a cool place with a surfing theme throughout. They’re known for their Blood Maries, although I didn’t have one. I… Continue reading The Coffee Cup

Metro Diner

*** Update: Business closed in early 2018 *** Due to personal reasons, my blogging has decreased the past several months and now I have a backlog of written or partially-written reviews three or four dozen deep. I’m finally getting around to posting again and while some may be outdated (this one included), they still may… Continue reading Metro Diner


Located in Parma’s old location, Cinnamon’s (a chain out of Hawaii) expanded the dining room and gave the interior the requisite 808 feel. I loved the guava flavor from the guava chiffon pancakes. Thick, yet fluffy, the short stack was a good portion size for me. The red velvet pancakes were dense and chocolatey, covered… Continue reading Cinnamon’s

Dirty Fork

Locally owned and operated, it’s another Hawaiian business bolstering the city’s claim as the “9th island.” The restaurant is located in the space formerly occupied by Norm’s Eggs Cafe. They’ve done a great job making the interior more inviting with darker woods and turquoise paint to give it more of an island feel. There’s a… Continue reading Dirty Fork

Mimosas Gourmet

Occupying the location formerly know as Pho Vietnam Grille Express off of Durango, behind Arby’s, there’s plenty to like on their menu. Always opting for sweeter options, my son and I split the churro waffle and nutella s’mores French toast. The former could have used more cinnamon and sugar, but was still a delicious waffle… Continue reading Mimosas Gourmet

Cafe Breizh

Spring Valley is home to yet more top-tier talent in Jerome Marchand and Pierre Gatel. The latter’s credentials are impressive — an early career in New York with Francois Payard and Alain Ducasse followed by over a decade at the Wynn and Encore. You won’t find more beautiful, artistic, well crafted pastries anywhere off the… Continue reading Cafe Breizh

Biscuits Cafe

Biscuits Cafe is probably one of the most underrated breakfast spots in town. I’m a fan of cinnamon rolls and a fan of French toast, so the cinnamon roll French toast ($10.99) was a marriage made in fat-kid heaven. Sweet, cinnamon filled, doughy and delicious, there’s enough sweetness without being overpowering. The portion is large… Continue reading Biscuits Cafe


Late last summer I was invited to sample a selection of new dishes from Served as they were thinking about expanding their hours to serve dinner. They are currently only open for breakfast and lunch. However, the seven course meal showcased the chef’s talent and creativity wasn’t limited to breakfast food. Two scallop dishes began our… Continue reading Served


Opened in 2015 by Frenchman Jonathan Pluvinet, Rosallie is a family business that began in the 1980s with Pluvinet’s parents’ cafe of the same name operating in the south of France. Filled with items created by family recipes, this cafe has quickly become a go-to destination in Las Vegas. The pastries are exceptional. It may… Continue reading Rosallie

Chef Series Dinner at Glutton

Organized by Michael Uzmann (, his “Chef Series” highlights the talents of local chefs. This third installation of the series teamed Bradley Manchester of Glutton with Jaret Blinn of CraftKitchen to showcase their interpretation of breakfast classics. From start to finish the two chefs and their teams showed why their restaurants are two of the… Continue reading Chef Series Dinner at Glutton

Farmer’s Bottega

Farmer’s Bottega is a beautiful space with its vintage feel, exposed pipes, brick walls, and edison bulbs. As appealing as that may be, the menu is even more enticing. I had trouble deciding if I should come here for brunch or dinner. Brunch won out. Every good brunch needs some good cocktails and the bacon… Continue reading Farmer’s Bottega

Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant

I’ve driven by Blueberry Hill countless times and never given it much thought. But, having enjoyed a meal at one of their other locations, it was time to check out this location at the corner of Flamingo and Decatur with family in tow. The building was renovated a couple years back and the interior looks… Continue reading Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant

Rachel’s Kitchen

This locally-owned, growing chain touts “wholesome food – delicious recipes.” They do have some decent food, especially when in need for a quick meal. Without a doubt I’d rather come here instead of any national fast food chain. Healthy options are plentiful on their menu, but I tend to go for the bad stuff like… Continue reading Rachel’s Kitchen

Leo & Lily

Looking for a breakfast spot close to our hotel in Woodland Hills, we found this amazing restaurant that serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Parking can be tricky with the limited number of street spots and the small adjacent lot, but the destination is worth it. The focus on quality ingredients makes up for the… Continue reading Leo & Lily

MTO Café

If you’re a fan of MTO’s Downtown location, the new Downtown Summerlin spin off won’t disappoint either. Johnny Church and team have expanded the menu with more twists on comfort food. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner it’s a great destination for craving nostalgic dishes in a fast-casual setting. Their version of Kentucky fried chicken… Continue reading MTO Café

Bite Breakfast & Lunch

If there’s one thing this city isn’t lacking (other than steakhouses, nightclubs, and hookers) it’s breakfast spots. The owners of this place relocated their business from Sun City in Summerlin to the space formerly occupied by the short-lived Pasta Fresh. There’s not much decor to speak of other than wall art made from planks of… Continue reading Bite Breakfast & Lunch

Serendipity 3

***Update: business closed*** This popular facsimile of the iconic New York outpost is a tourist trap, no doubt about it. But it’s a trap that is still fun to take the kids. Desserts are the main draw here, with plenty of frozen hot chocolate and sundae options available. Portion sizes for desserts and all other… Continue reading Serendipity 3

Pyramid Cafe

I’ve always avoided eating at the Luxor  because their restaurant lineup never appealed to me. But, decided to give their cafe a shot with a friend after checking out their menu. They offer plenty of standard breakfast and lunch fare, but the standout dishes reside in their diverse selection of French toast. They don’t just… Continue reading Pyramid Cafe

Teddy Bear Restaurant

Located in the newly renovated Big Bear Lake Village, Teddy Bear restaurant is a rustic diner serving classic American fare in an intimate space that was packed during our visit. The adjoining room where we dined for breakfast felt like a large storage closet, with an outdoor dining space just steps away. The execution of… Continue reading Teddy Bear Restaurant

Terrace Pointe Café

Terrace Pointe is an underrated breakfast/brunch spot that probably receives low marks due to a somewhat high price point (compared to off-strip breakfast spots) and location in the Wynn which does nothing but raise expectations. But my visit with a friend a while back showed was filled with some good and great eats. The best… Continue reading Terrace Pointe Café

Simon Restaurant and Lounge

***Update: business closed*** I don’t have many regrets in life, but eating brunch at Simon is one of them. It was quite possibly one of the biggest wastes of money I’ve ever spent at a restaurant. Mediocre food along with mediocre service made for a poor dining experience at a place know for brunch. It’s… Continue reading Simon Restaurant and Lounge