Truffles N Bacon Cafe

Serving up classic American fare with their own spin, Truffles N Bacon Cafe is a locally-owned spot just north of the 215 on Eastern. It’s a short drive from their original (and now closed) location near Eastern and Sunset. I’m guessing this new spot will garner more traffic being close to movie theaters, LVAC, and… Continue reading Truffles N Bacon Cafe

Umami Burger, Beer Garden & Sports Book

Umami, the California-based casual eatery, is part of the slowly sinking SLS Las Vegas. This typically empty hotel and casino was hopping when I stopped by several weeks ago for the NFL kick-off to see the Pats-Steelers game. Despite the unusually busy night, we managed to snag a booth. The room, with its industrial-looking exposed… Continue reading Umami Burger, Beer Garden & Sports Book

Le Burger Brasserie Sports Grille

Le Burger Brasserie clearly benefits from its location — steps away from the intersection of Bally’s and Paris and, more importantly, all the convention halls filled with out-of-towners unwittingly looking for a quick, cheap place to grab a bite. I landed here with family because of a Groupon for lunch. The potato skins ($10) were… Continue reading Le Burger Brasserie Sports Grille

Greens and Proteins

I love the fast casual/quality food/healthy food concept. The execution can be a bit spotty and the food, while decent, won’t make you forget about all the unhealthy (and more delicious) alternatives around town. The BBQ pizza was ok, but the crust was too soft and doughey. The bison cheesesteak wrap was good but I… Continue reading Greens and Proteins

Muddy River Bar and Grill

Looking for a place to eat lunch before heading to Roos-N-More (a great, tiny, non-profit zoo an hour north of Las Vegas) we came across one of the only restaurants in the Moapa area. The place was nice and clean inside and wasn’t busy early afternoon on a Saturday. The shredded beef tacos ($6.99) were… Continue reading Muddy River Bar and Grill

Crow Burger Kitchen

This is another review that’s long overdue. We were in the Newport Beach area over Memorial Day weekend and stopped by Crow Burger Kitchen after hanging out on the beach a few short blocks away. I’m a sucker for upscale burgers, especially ones that use fresh, all natural ingredients. The showstopper of our dining experience… Continue reading Crow Burger Kitchen

Bottles & Burgers By Double Helix

This is one place that I think is underrated. It may be a notch below the top spots in town, but they still have some quality burgers at reasonable prices and a menu diverse enough to placate the pickiest eaters (adults and kids). Owned and operated by the Double Helix Wine & Restaurant Group, this… Continue reading Bottles & Burgers By Double Helix

Elevation Burger

On my first visit I thought the burgers were under seasoned. A second visit confirmed it. A standard Elevation burger is two patties, two slices of cheese. They also have single patty burgers and cheeseburgers available, along with two types of veggie burgers. Their main selling point that differentiates them from the competition is their… Continue reading Elevation Burger

The Rusty Pickle

Their name is misleading because they’re so much more than pickles. As someone who dislike pickles I was close to passing them up for another food truck. But, I checked out their menu and my stomach is happier for doing so. They’ve got salads, sliders, chicken tenders and pot pies, along with sides (fried pickles,… Continue reading The Rusty Pickle

Norm’s Eggs Cafe

Spacious new breakfast and lunch spot off of Durango in the same plaza as TC’s Rib Crib and Burrito Juarez. Friendly, quick service with plenty of tables and counter service in a clean and homey setting. My first visit consisted of their red velvet pancakes ($6.99) — rich, dense, chocolatey pancakes covered in a lattice… Continue reading Norm’s Eggs Cafe

The Hat

This is where arteries go do die. Or at least to get clogged. Ridiculously large portions, unhealthy food… take a look around and you’d think they were casting for “The Biggest Loser”. But, I’m not judging. I’m Merely making observations. The food is actually really good — as far as fast, casual food goes. The… Continue reading The Hat

Moo Creamery

I never thought I’d have one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had in Bakersfield, CA. But, on our way to Morro Bay for some camping, we spent the night at Bakersfield. The next morning we found Moo Creamery on our way out of town. Judging from online reviews, it seemed to be better suited… Continue reading Moo Creamery

DiVine Cafe

Divine Cafe had me the second I read “RED VELVET BELGIAN WAFFLE” on their menu. Unfortunately, it ($7.25) didn’t live up to my expectations. I was thinking it would be a magical cakey, sweet mix with crisp edges. But, it just tasted like any other waffle. The only thing that screamed “red velvet” was its… Continue reading DiVine Cafe

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

I’m a fan. This place isn’t for everyone and, no, it isn’t as good as In-N-Out. Don’t come in expecting gourmet burgers because you won’t get any. What you will get are standard burgers  — the kind you get from a backyard barbeque — that are prepared excellently with mostly fresh ingredients. It’s more pricey… Continue reading Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Sloppi Jo’s Roving Eatery

I finally tracked down Sloppi Jo’s for lunch in the southwest. The pork tacos (2 for $6) were unreal. They had a distinct “New Mexico” taste with the red chile spiced pork — a completely different  flavor than any Mexican street style taco. Tender, well seasoned, with a touch of heat, these pork tacos with… Continue reading Sloppi Jo’s Roving Eatery

Bachi Burger

4.5 stars. If I didn’t eat at Holsteins a couple days prior, I would probably give Bachi Burger 5 stars. But in a head to head competition between Holsteins’ Rising Sun burger and BB’s Ronin burger, I’d have to give the edge to the Rising Sun… but not by much. The Ronin burger ($9 –… Continue reading Bachi Burger

Holsteins Shakes and Buns

It’s almost hard to believe that Holstein’s is run by the same people responsible for LBS at the Red Rock. I guess if I had to make an analogy, this place is like Michael Jackson (in terms of talent, not behavior or affinity for boys) whereas LBS is LaToya (or maybe even Janet) and the… Continue reading Holsteins Shakes and Buns

LBS Patty Wagon

The LBS Patty Wagon “Perfect Burger” ($7): beef patty topped with gruyere cheese, bacon, oven roasted tomato, frisee, red onion marmalade, LBS sauce and herb mayo. Sounds good, doesn’t it? I thought so. In reality, the patty was dry, devoid of any juiciness, thin, hard, and overcooked. It was like one of those nasty burgers… Continue reading LBS Patty Wagon

Rachel’s Kitchen

I’ve heard good things about Rachel’s Kitchen, but honestly I was underwhelmed. The BBQ chicken wrap was bland and a little dry. I almost always clean my plate but it wasn’t worth it to finish the whole thing. The sweet potato fries were decent, though. The grilled vegetable and chicken salad was drowning in dressing,… Continue reading Rachel’s Kitchen