Cafe Breizh

Spring Valley is home to yet more top-tier talent in Jerome Marchand and Pierre Gatel. The latter’s credentials are impressive — an early career in New York with Francois Payard and Alain Ducasse followed by over a decade at the Wynn and Encore. You won’t find more beautiful, artistic, well crafted pastries anywhere off the… Continue reading Cafe Breizh


Their showroom is massive. You could spend half a day just walking around and looking at everything. Their furniture may not be high quality, but it is affordable. And, looking to decorate my kid’s room, we found several things here that he loved. I also found plenty of stuff to buy for myself — kitchen… Continue reading IKEA

Divine Cafe at the Springs Preserve

There aren’t many restaurants more “under the radar” than Divine Cafe at Springs Preserve. It’s out of the way for most tourists visiting the Strip or Downtown and it’s a destination most locals don’t think of when looking for a meal, unless you’re also visiting the exhibits at Springs Preserve. Originally created as a catering… Continue reading Divine Cafe at the Springs Preserve

Leo & Lily

Looking for a breakfast spot close to our hotel in Woodland Hills, we found this amazing restaurant that serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Parking can be tricky with the limited number of street spots and the small adjacent lot, but the destination is worth it. The focus on quality ingredients makes up for the… Continue reading Leo & Lily

Sambalatte Torrefazione

I’m not a coffee drinker so I’ve been reluctant to check out Sambalatte despite its popularity. I finally gave in and tried it for lunch. The Greek salad was not good at all. The dressing had a funky metallic taste that rendered it inedible. The sandwiches, on the other hand were good but a little… Continue reading Sambalatte Torrefazione

Presto Cafe

If you’re looking for a good, quick meal Presto Cafe is a solid option. It definitely isn’t fast-food in terms of that level of quality (or lack thereof) and the prices reflect that. Don’t come here expecting a dollar menu and the typical crap that would be available on one. While not perfect, the food… Continue reading Presto Cafe