Lola’s A Louisiana Kitchen

Locally owned and loved, this second location of Lola’s is head and shoulders above any other eatery in this food desert location in the north part of Summerlin. The bronzed shrimp and grits is a dish they’re known for. It’s an excellent entree with five large shrimp atop cheesy and creamy gouda grits surrounded by… Continue reading Lola’s A Louisiana Kitchen

Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen

My first impression of this place wasn’t good. It was Christmas Day and the line to check in for reservations was about 50 people deep, and after checking in we had to wait 25 minutes past our reservation time to get seated. But, after getting seated everything improved. After spending the day in Disneyland which… Continue reading Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen

The Boiling Crab

I prefer the food at Hot N Juicy, but the atmosphere/interior of the Boiling Crab is tops (at least compared to the original HNJ location, I haven’t been to their new location yet). The shrimp (about $10 a pound) was large. They still had their heads on, which can make for an interesting experience. I… Continue reading The Boiling Crab