Cletus Chicken Shack

Located in Universal Studios, Cletus’ Chicken Shack will give you a glimpse into life in Springfield. And, apparently Springfield is pricey. Like the rest of Universal, you’ll spend a pretty penny on any meal. With no kid-sized meals the youngin’s have to pay full price for meals they’ll eat a fraction of. A chicken and… Continue reading Cletus Chicken Shack

Ping Pong Chinese Cuisine

Hanging out at my brother’s house, we wanted a low-key night and ordered delivery from this Chinese spot found after a quick Yelp search. When compared to similar quickie/take-out/delivery Chinese spots, Ping Pong is pretty good. We got a mix of five different dishes and all were solid renditions with ample portion sizes. They didn’t… Continue reading Ping Pong Chinese Cuisine

Leo & Lily

Looking for a breakfast spot close to our hotel in Woodland Hills, we found this amazing restaurant that serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Parking can be tricky with the limited number of street spots and the small adjacent lot, but the destination is worth it. The focus on quality ingredients makes up for the… Continue reading Leo & Lily

Crow Burger Kitchen

This is another review that’s long overdue. We were in the Newport Beach area over Memorial Day weekend and stopped by Crow Burger Kitchen after hanging out on the beach a few short blocks away. I’m a sucker for upscale burgers, especially ones that use fresh, all natural ingredients. The showstopper of our dining experience… Continue reading Crow Burger Kitchen