The Noodle Man

Located on Rainbow, just south of the 215, Noodle Man serves as the gateway to all the great, new Asian eateries in the southwest. Driving down Rainbow has become like driving down a new Chinatown (along with many other Asian cuisines). Noodle Man serves some amazing hand-crafted noodles. The sliced pork and mushroom hand sliced… Continue reading The Noodle Man

Shang Artisan Noodle

A popular spot with an ever-growing fan base, Shang Artisan Noodle’s open kitchen provides a meal and a show. The best spot to take in the action is at the counter where you can watch their skilled chefs create hand-pulled noodles and effortlessly slice dough to create their knife-shaved noodles. The pork and cabbage potstickers… Continue reading Shang Artisan Noodle

Flock & Fowl

There’s something beautiful about the simplicity of the food at Flock and Fowl. At first glance poached chicken might not sound very appetizing but their Hainan chicken rice ($9.99) is special. De-boned, skin-on chicken is plated with a scoop of rice and three house-made sauces. Fork-tender meat and bold flavors can be attributed to a… Continue reading Flock & Fowl


Chinese food. Southern food. Not exactly a match made in heaven, but they make it work at Chef Natalie Young’s second restaurant. Never one to follow the norm, Chef Nat’s concept of a having a lunch and dinner spot serving two distinct cuisines, recently celebrated it’s one-year anniversary. If the food I tried is indicative… Continue reading Chow

Bobo China

Bobo China looks like your typical take out Chinese spot, but on the couple nights we’ve stopped by there’s been several locals dining in. Maybe the draw is the good food or friendly service where the owners seem to know all their customers. Either way, this place is a step up from most other spots… Continue reading Bobo China

Ping Pong Chinese Cuisine

Hanging out at my brother’s house, we wanted a low-key night and ordered delivery from this Chinese spot found after a quick Yelp search. When compared to similar quickie/take-out/delivery Chinese spots, Ping Pong is pretty good. We got a mix of five different dishes and all were solid renditions with ample portion sizes. They didn’t… Continue reading Ping Pong Chinese Cuisine

Oasis Asian Kitchen

Oasis Kitchen looks to be a real mom-n-pop shop, with an older Asian lady manning the front of house and an older guy manning the back. I’m all for supporting local businesses, unfortunately I was underwhelmed with their product. Mongolian beef was excessively oily with a touch too much sweetness from the sauce, while the… Continue reading Oasis Asian Kitchen

Joyful House Chinese Cuisine

This stand alone building on Spring Mountain road may not look like much from the outside, but once you step inside you might feel underdressed. With white linens and waiters dressed in suits, it’s got an upscale vibe. But, most of the customers seemed to be dressed as casually as me. Their menu is massive.… Continue reading Joyful House Chinese Cuisine

Oriental House

The menu at Oriental House is overwhelming with plenty of Chinese, Thai, and Japanese options. They would benefit from a more streamlined selection of dishes to focus on what they do best. What that is, I don’t know. The satay chicken ($7.95) was a good portion for the price with about five skewers. The Kowloon… Continue reading Oriental House

Rainbow Asian Cuisine

Attached to the Best Western in Johnson City, we dined here after arriving around 10pm. Tired from a long drive from northern Virginia to Tennessee, this was our first stop in a cross country trip with our final destination being Las Vegas. There’s a dining area complete with typical Asian motifs; a pool table; bar;… Continue reading Rainbow Asian Cuisine


Las Vegas is finally catching on to the pop-up restaurant craze. There’s been one by Jet Tila at Marche Bacchus, some at the Naked City Pizza Shop and other random ones around town. But none caught my attention like Hawk’r, a one night event (on Sunday 12/18/11) at Bread and Butter bakery from Chef Sheridan… Continue reading Hawk’r

Dragon House

Located in a small, old strip mall on Jones Blvd, near Flamingo, this place gets good reviews, but based on my one experience getting take-out I doubt I’d come back. We opted for two classic American-Chinese dishes — mongolian beef and cashew chicken. Each dish was a ridiculously large serving, probably enough for two or… Continue reading Dragon House