The Patio Desserts & Drinks

Located a few doors down from Goyemon, off of Decatur. Despite its name, there isn’t an outdoor patio, but the interior, with its dark wood palettes, faux grass, swing, and plants, creates enough of an outdoor vibe that it doesn’t matter. They did a great job decorating this place. The modern, yet approachable and comforting… Continue reading The Patio Desserts & Drinks

Joe Maxx Coffee

This chain coffee shop from the midwest is open in southeast Vegas. The minimal, modern interior, full of art from local artists, is home to quality coffee drinks, pastries made in-house, breakfast sandwiches, and wraps. Specialty drinks are great options to get, like the black and tan (rich mocha steamed with creamy peanut butter) or… Continue reading Joe Maxx Coffee

Le Petit Café & Bakery

Their out-of-the-way location probably doesn’t draw many passerby’s, no doubt relying on traffic from the nearby hospital and office parks. But, it’s a spot worth visiting if you’re in the area Their bread pudding looked small as it arrived at the table, but was filling. Served warm, the center was soft and soaked through with… Continue reading Le Petit Café & Bakery

Delices Gourmands French Bakery

Located in an old strip mall at the corner of Sahara and Valley View, Delices Gourmands is fairly large, with much of their space dedicated to the production of pastries and other goods. Display cases are extensive, walling off their open kitchen space to show a wide variety of items. Several tables line the walls… Continue reading Delices Gourmands French Bakery


Cool, hip, modern Korean coffee shop, a stone’s throw from Gelatology. The dark wood and hand-drawn artsy decor make this a cozy, appealing spot to chill for coffee or dessert. The go-to dessert here is one of their honey toasts. They’ve got a regular, garlic, berry, and cookie version. The cookie monster honey bread ($11.50)… Continue reading Serenade

Sambalatte Torrefazione

I’m not a coffee drinker so I’ve been reluctant to check out Sambalatte despite its popularity. I finally gave in and tried it for lunch. The Greek salad was not good at all. The dressing had a funky metallic taste that rendered it inedible. The sandwiches, on the other hand were good but a little… Continue reading Sambalatte Torrefazione

Tiabi Coffee & Waffle Bar

I’m all for helping out small, locally-owned shops, but to get me to visit a second time the food has to be good. With Tiabi, I’m on the fence. On one hand the B.A.T. wafflewich ($4.95) with its bacon, arugula, and tomato was delicious. I don’t know what the Tiabi sauce in the wafflewich consisted… Continue reading Tiabi Coffee & Waffle Bar

Open City

I’ve been slacking off with blogging due to a busy schedule, but I’m finally getting around to reviews of places I visited more than a month ago. I’m starting off with a cool spot from my trip to Washington, DC. Located right down the street from my hotel, the Marriott Wardman Park, Open City is… Continue reading Open City

Va Bene Caffé

The Cosmopolitan is known for it’s amazing array of restaurants. If you’re willing to drop a pretty penny they have something for everyone. However, if you’re looking for some inexpensive fare you have few options, with the exception of Va Bene Caffé. Located on the second floor, close to Holstein, you’ll find a small shop… Continue reading Va Bene Caffé