tsp. Baking Company

Owned by Kari Garcia, the former co-owner and baker of Retro Bakery, tsp serves mini cupcakes, along with specialty cakes, Lappert’s ice cream, cookies, and rolls that she has branded as “fairy rolls.” Cupcake flavors are mostly different than what she had at Retro and while I loved the mini cupcake and full-sized cupcakes at… Continue reading tsp. Baking Company

Sugar Pine Bake Shop

Another review that’s long overdue, my wife purchased some cupcakes from this shop for my birthday last year during our weekend trip to Big Bear. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of any of the cupcakes except the vanilla with chocolate — easily the most pedestrian of the bunch. The rest were surprisingly good. The snickerdoodle… Continue reading Sugar Pine Bake Shop


Cool branding and plenty of great looking products fill this new spot in the Linq. This is the fourteenth location nationwide, and first in Nevada, for the franchise founded by Food Network personality Candace Nelson, credited with creating the world’s first cupcake bakery. The cupcake craze has been in full effect since 2005 and despite… Continue reading Sprinkles

Sugar Factory American Brasserie

Think of the Sugar Factory as a beddazzled Cheesecake Factory on steroids. It’s got a large menu with just about everything on it. But, I can’t tell you if it’s good or bad because I only stopped by for a couple sweet treats with the family. This place is actually broken up into four sections.… Continue reading Sugar Factory American Brasserie


I’ll admit that I got suckered into Miette because I saw their gingerbread cupcake featured on Food Network’s “America’s Best” series. With that kind of hype, I knew it was almost impossible for my expectations to have been met. I tried it anyway, and even though it was a delicious cupcake it wasn’t even the… Continue reading Miette