Glaze Doughnuts

Locally owned and operated, this small spot at the corner of Ft. Apache and Sunset offers some fresh donuts. The couple times I’ve stopped by their cases have been pretty bare, with not much of a selection to choose from. The quality of their donuts has been good, but the size has varied on each… Continue reading Glaze Doughnuts

Ace Donuts

They may not have all the crazy flavors or creativity that other shops have but, what they lack in originality they make up for in execution. The apple fritter, which everyone seems to rave about, is textbook perfect with its crisp, crunchy exterior and soft, chewy interior dotted with sweet chunks of apple. They have… Continue reading Ace Donuts

Kelly’s Donuts and Burgers

— Originally posted on Yelp on 6/1/10 — We grabbed about half a dozen donuts before driving back to Vegas. Their selection was decent but nothing that would wow you. As for the donuts themselves, they were large, pillowy mounds of goodness. Not too dense, just light and chewy so I didn’t feel like a… Continue reading Kelly’s Donuts and Burgers