Johnny Smalls

Quantity wins out over quality here. While there are some good items, as a small plates (tapas) restaurant it pales in comparison to Jaleo, Julian Serrano, and other spots around town. But, for $20 (with a Hard Rock hotel players card) you can get the “all you can eat” option and knock yourself silly. For… Continue reading Johnny Smalls

Rare 120

Rare 120 is style over substance. It’s a steakhouse that caters to clientele more concerned with getting their drink on in a stylish setting than eating quality food. Don’t get me wrong, the food isn’t awful, but compared to other steakhouses around town it just doesn’t measure up. The complimentary pretzel bread wasn’t warmed up… Continue reading Rare 120


— Originally posted on Yelp on 7/22/09 — Love this place. While it is very pricey it’s some of the best food I’ve had in this town. The tasting menu is the best way to go to sample lots of different things. We weren’t disappointed with a single dish. The service was also good. 5… Continue reading Nobu