Sweet Poké

This is the second location of the Sweet Poke chain. Located across the street for Gelatology and in the same plaza as Creamberry and Coco donuts, it follows the same format as most other local poke/sushi burrito places. They have some house specials or you can build your own. I opted for a regular sized… Continue reading Sweet Poké


Located in Parma’s old location, Cinnamon’s (a chain out of Hawaii) expanded the dining room and gave the interior the requisite 808 feel. I loved the guava flavor from the guava chiffon pancakes. Thick, yet fluffy, the short stack was a good portion size for me. The red velvet pancakes were dense and chocolatey, covered… Continue reading Cinnamon’s

Dirty Fork

Locally owned and operated, it’s another Hawaiian business bolstering the city’s claim as the “9th island.” The restaurant is located in the space formerly occupied by Norm’s Eggs Cafe. They’ve done a great job making the interior more inviting with darker woods and turquoise paint to give it more of an island feel. There’s a… Continue reading Dirty Fork

Poke Addiction

Located off of Lake Mead Blvd in the same complex as Whole Foods close to the 95, they have some suggested dishes/flavors but you can also customize bowls and burritos. Available ingredients are typical of what you’ll find elsewhere. Among their own creations I enjoyed their Gluttony bowl ($11.95). The combination of yellowtail, cucumber, sweet… Continue reading Poke Addiction

Tail and Fin

The second location of Tail & Fin opened up in the Trails Village — a part of Summerlin mostly devoid of good eateries. They took over the space formerly occupied by Dairy Queen and they’ve done a great job modernizing it. The interior is beautiful with a clean, contemporary look. Their brand is more developed… Continue reading Tail and Fin

Red Rice

With another meet up amongst Instagrammers, I found myself in Henderson for a tasting at Red Rice, a casual eatery specializing in food from Guam. I can’t say I’ve had their cuisine before, but it’s similar enough to Pacific Island/Filipino food that it was familiar enough. On the day, our group sampled, on the house,… Continue reading Red Rice

Makai Pacific Island Grill

Opened early in the year by brothers from Oahu, this Hawaiian fast food restaurant follows the popular Subway/Chipotle assembly line format. With different meal sizes and formats there’s something for any sized appetite. The “Ono’er” has been my go-to size with two choices of meat and two sides. The teriyaki chicken and chicken katsu are… Continue reading Makai Pacific Island Grill

Braddah’s Island Style

***Update: business closed*** As other reviewers have mentioned on other sites, this is the Hawaiian version of Chipotle. No need to re-invent the wheel and create a different concept for ordering when it’s effective. After eating here a couple times, I have to say that I prefer this place to Chipotle. I love the island… Continue reading Braddah’s Island Style

Ono Steaks

After leaving Hanauma Bay and traveling north west around the island, this was a welcome find. They either have or had a food truck with the same name, but this review is for the brick and mortar spot. Small with several tables both inside and out for diners, it’s a casual environment where you order… Continue reading Ono Steaks

Lahaina Grill

A gaming tavern and sushi bar? I ain’t gonna lie, the thought scared me since quality food and gaming taverns usually don’t equate. But, this place isn’t half bad and for the price I might actually come back. Happy hour is the time to come here (3-7pm and 10pm-4am) because their sushi and rolls are… Continue reading Lahaina Grill