Metro Diner

*** Update: Business closed in early 2018 *** Due to personal reasons, my blogging has decreased the past several months and now I have a backlog of written or partially-written reviews three or four dozen deep. I’m finally getting around to posting again and while some may be outdated (this one included), they still may… Continue reading Metro Diner


Located in Parma’s old location, Cinnamon’s (a chain out of Hawaii) expanded the dining room and gave the interior the requisite 808 feel. I loved the guava flavor from the guava chiffon pancakes. Thick, yet fluffy, the short stack was a good portion size for me. The red velvet pancakes were dense and chocolatey, covered… Continue reading Cinnamon’s

tsp. Baking Company

Owned by Kari Garcia, the former co-owner and baker of Retro Bakery, tsp serves mini cupcakes, along with specialty cakes, Lappert’s ice cream, cookies, and rolls that she has branded as “fairy rolls.” Cupcake flavors are mostly different than what she had at Retro and while I loved the mini cupcake and full-sized cupcakes at… Continue reading tsp. Baking Company

Papa Pinny’s Pizzeria

This small, locally owned mom-and-pop-type shop has several tables to dine in. You’ll be surrounded by lots of Chicago memorabilia hanging on the walls as you look through a menu that isn’t limited to pizza. There’s plenty of other Italian-American dishes ranging from pastas to calzones to sandwiches and chicken wings. The pizza is pretty… Continue reading Papa Pinny’s Pizzeria

Mimosas Gourmet

Occupying the location formerly know as Pho Vietnam Grille Express off of Durango, behind Arby’s, there’s plenty to like on their menu. Always opting for sweeter options, my son and I split the churro waffle and nutella s’mores French toast. The former could have used more cinnamon and sugar, but was still a delicious waffle… Continue reading Mimosas Gourmet

Virgil’s Real Barbecue

No, this isn’t a restaurant from the south. It’s actually from New York, owned by the same company that created Carmine’s. The interior is what you’d expect from a BBQ joint — a rustic/country appeal with lots of wood and weathered signs. I was with a group of Instagrammers, invited by the restaurant, to sample… Continue reading Virgil’s Real Barbecue

Biscuits Cafe

Biscuits Cafe is probably one of the most underrated breakfast spots in town. I’m a fan of cinnamon rolls and a fan of French toast, so the cinnamon roll French toast ($10.99) was a marriage made in fat-kid heaven. Sweet, cinnamon filled, doughy and delicious, there’s enough sweetness without being overpowering. The portion is large… Continue reading Biscuits Cafe

JinJu Chocolates

This is the second outpost for Chef Jin Caldwell. More spacious and better decorated than the original spot at the Container Store, the space is beautiful, a chocoholic’s dream. It’s full of chocolates, pastries, cakes, and drinks. Cakes by the slice are available and they’re a must. The milk chocolate PB&J cake has a subtle… Continue reading JinJu Chocolates


Their showroom is massive. You could spend half a day just walking around and looking at everything. Their furniture may not be high quality, but it is affordable. And, looking to decorate my kid’s room, we found several things here that he loved. I also found plenty of stuff to buy for myself — kitchen… Continue reading IKEA

Via Brasil Steakhouse

Via Brasil is a carnivore’s dream. Like other Brazilian steakhouses, you’ll get plenty of cuts of meat from cows, chicken, lamb and more. I’ve driven by countless times but failed to visit until recently. Located at the corner of Charleston and Ft. Apache, the outside looks impressive, but the interior is even more so. It’s… Continue reading Via Brasil Steakhouse

Libre Mexican Cantina

Created by the same company (Clique) that brought Hearthstone and Salute to Red Rock casino, Libre is a decent, if uninspired, Mexican restaurant. I actually prefer its predecessor, Mercadito, to this place. At least Mercadito had a unique variety of tacos. The menu at Libre is more run-of-the-mill Mexican designed to appease the suburban palate.… Continue reading Libre Mexican Cantina

The Station 66 Italian Bistro

Station 66 Italian Bistro was, by far, the best dining experience of our trip through northern Arizona. I loved everything about this place. Service was top notch,the interior is spacious and cool, there’s an outdoor patio with music, and most importantly the food and drinks were great. Wine and beer flights are available for $15… Continue reading The Station 66 Italian Bistro

Truffles N Bacon Cafe

Serving up classic American fare with their own spin, Truffles N Bacon Cafe is a locally-owned spot just north of the 215 on Eastern. It’s a short drive from their original (and now closed) location near Eastern and Sunset. I’m guessing this new spot will garner more traffic being close to movie theaters, LVAC, and… Continue reading Truffles N Bacon Cafe

The Protein Source

Just like Greens and Proteins and Protein House, this is another fast-casual healthy eats spot. Located a stone’s throw from Greens and Proteins, I prefer the food and shakes here. The American Muscle bowl is a good option whether you intend to eat healthy or not. It’s full of lean and tender ground bison, a… Continue reading The Protein Source

Pasta Idea

It’s a small, locally owned spot with freshly made pastas that far surpass what can be found at Buca di Peppo a couple blocks down. Pastas are made fresh every morning and the flavors and execution are better than what can be found at most sit down establishments off the Strip. There hasn’t been much… Continue reading Pasta Idea

Chef Marc’s Trattoria

I loved Chef Marc’s old restaurant Parma, but was underwhelmed by my experience here back in January. The breading on the calamari was a soggy, limp mess. Lettuce in the Caesar salad wasn’t dried properly making it a watery disaster. The malfiata/deconstructed lasagna was unremarkable. The sauce was lacking in flavor and the whole dish… Continue reading Chef Marc’s Trattoria

Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant

I’ve driven by Blueberry Hill countless times and never given it much thought. But, having enjoyed a meal at one of their other locations, it was time to check out this location at the corner of Flamingo and Decatur with family in tow. The building was renovated a couple years back and the interior looks… Continue reading Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant