Cool, hip, modern Korean coffee shop, a stone’s throw from Gelatology. The dark wood and hand-drawn artsy decor make this a cozy, appealing spot to chill for coffee or dessert. The go-to dessert here is one of their honey toasts. They’ve got a regular, garlic, berry, and cookie version. The cookie monster honey bread ($11.50)… Continue reading Serenade

KoMex Fusion

One of Las Vegas’s most recent mom and pop success stories, Komex, has authored yet another chapter in their amazing journey. Their origin story is known by many…Lynda and Sonny owned a small Mexican market where Sonny used to cook lunch for themselves. Those Korean and Mexican fusion meals became hits with a couple customers… Continue reading KoMex Fusion


DaMoim opened to some buzz back in 2010 when it was featured in the Washington Post and other publications soon after. I’ll admit, I get excited when I hear about fusion restaurants.  Others may cringe, but the promise of something new and exciting forces me to bookmark a place for a future visit. When I… Continue reading DaMoim

Mr. Tofu

I won’t even pretend to know the first thing about Korean food. It’s one cuisine that I rarely find myself eating. But after trying Mr. Tofu that might change. Their sundubu (tofu soup) might be what everyone raves about, but my crush is on the dolsot bibimbap — mixed veggies, rice, beef, and topped with… Continue reading Mr. Tofu


I finally had the chance to check out this food stand. I ordered one regular beef taco and a Korean BBQ beef taco. There was no line and I only had to wait a few minutes before my order was up. I like cabbage on my tacos, but there was a ridiculously large heap hiding… Continue reading 9091

Nagoya Japanese Restaurant

— Originally posted on Yelp on 4/11/10 — I ordered some take-out the other night. The tuna nigiri and hamachi nigiri were excellent. Really good flavor, silky soft texture, good color. The Tiger roll was also very good — shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, cucumber and avocado. The Kamikaze roll, on the other hand, wasn’t that… Continue reading Nagoya Japanese Restaurant


— Originally posted on Yelp on 3/2/10 — The food here can be hit or miss. But when they’re on, they’re really good. The yellowtail in garlic sauce is mighty tasty. The list of specialty rolls is extensive and I haven’t been disappointed by many. Most of my complaints stem from the quality of the… Continue reading Nagoya