Zaytoon Mediterranean Market and Kabob

Part market, part restaurant. But, one hundred percent delicious. From the outside of this family owned shop you’ll be unaware of the awesomeness that lies within. After several visits it’s become my regular spot for Mediterranean food. Their two page menu is packed with tantalizing dishes. But after getting take out at least once a… Continue reading Zaytoon Mediterranean Market and Kabob

Paymon’s Mediterranean Cafe & Hookah Lounge

Paymon’s has been one of the most popular Mediterranean eateries in town for years. But, it wasn’t until a week ago that I finally went in to try it. I can’t complain about the food… everything was pretty good. The two dips (hummus and cucumber yogurt, $5.75) to start the meal were both excellent. The… Continue reading Paymon’s Mediterranean Cafe & Hookah Lounge

The Village Mediterranean Grill

Located off of Durango Rd in Spring Valley, this Mediterranean restaurant first began as a fast-casual, order-at-the-counter restaurant. Somewhere along the line that changed to the more upscale format that currently is in place. The interior is a large, open space with plenty of tables and booths surrounding brightly lit trees that serve as the… Continue reading The Village Mediterranean Grill