Papa Pinny’s Pizzeria

This small, locally owned mom-and-pop-type shop has several tables to dine in. You’ll be surrounded by lots of Chicago memorabilia hanging on the walls as you look through a menu that isn’t limited to pizza. There’s plenty of other Italian-American dishes ranging from pastas to calzones to sandwiches and chicken wings. The pizza is pretty… Continue reading Papa Pinny’s Pizzeria

Precinct Pizza

Located right near the terminal 2 cruise port in Tampa, in an area with other shops and restaurants, Precinct Pizza was a logical place to grab a bite before heading to the airport and back home to Vegas. Everything about this place screams NYC — all the decor, the menu, the indifferent service. The Big… Continue reading Precinct Pizza

Pizza Nova

It’s a CA chain, but it’s convenience (across the street from our hotel) won out over going somewhere I knew would be better. Plus, it’s kid-friendly and on the water with a good view. All good points to bring your kid here as opposed to some other place that would be fancier and superior. This… Continue reading Pizza Nova

The Station 66 Italian Bistro

Station 66 Italian Bistro was, by far, the best dining experience of our trip through northern Arizona. I loved everything about this place. Service was top notch,the interior is spacious and cool, there’s an outdoor patio with music, and most importantly the food and drinks were great. Wine and beer flights are available for $15… Continue reading The Station 66 Italian Bistro


Originally known as more of a pizza place, Wildcraft has broadened their menu to offer other Italian-inspired fare along with an enticing brunch. Even with their expanded menu, their pizzas are still quite good. Their crust is almost like a sourdough crust, crisp and firm in all the right places. The carnage pizza ($18), in… Continue reading Wildcraft

Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana

Settebello, you let me down! There was one item that I had every intention of ordering and it wasn’t there. That item was a budino, an Italian pudding-like dessert. It’s simple, but when done right it’ll make you wonder why you haven’t had it sooner. Of course, Settebello is known for their pizza rather than… Continue reading Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana

Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill

I never thought twice about eating here until friends came to town and someone in the group suggested the place. I’m a fan of Wolfgang Puck, but after mediocre meals years ago at Spago and Postrio I’ve been reluctant to dine at any of his restaurants not named Cut. The mid-level price point of this… Continue reading Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill

Greens and Proteins

I love the fast casual/quality food/healthy food concept. The execution can be a bit spotty and the food, while decent, won’t make you forget about all the unhealthy (and more delicious) alternatives around town. The BBQ pizza was ok, but the crust was too soft and doughey. The bison cheesesteak wrap was good but I… Continue reading Greens and Proteins

Dom DeMarco’s Pizzeria & Bar

It’s tough for any restaurant to remain consistent. Dom DeMarco’s is no exception. Both the food and service can be spotty, but when it’s on, the pizza here is some of my favorite in town. Their popularity sky rocketed when President Obama ordered pizza to-go back in January. But, there was much buzz about the… Continue reading Dom DeMarco’s Pizzeria & Bar

Due Forni

Most restaurants need a hook. Some kind of gimmick or specialty item that has customers coming back for more. Due forni’s claim to fame? The only two pizza Napolitano brick ovens of their kind in the country! Their concept is simple: two styles of pizza — Neapolitan for a thicker, chewy crust with a crisp… Continue reading Due Forni

Eddie D’s

In the Las Vegas sandwich world, everyone is familiar with Capriotti’s Bobbie sandwich. It’s Thanksgiving in a bun and even more delicious than it sounds. Eddie D’s boasts the Robert as it’s challenger to the best turkey day sammie. It’s a bold move to challenge the king and, unfortunately, they fall short. The bread, the… Continue reading Eddie D’s

Pizzeria @ The Cosmopolitan

It’s a brilliant marketing strategy really… create a pizza place reminiscent of all those fabulous New York spots, don’t tell anyone about it, don’t mention it on your web site, signage, or collateral, and let the “word of mouth” marketing create a buzz about the place. It becomes a game for some — searching the… Continue reading Pizzeria @ The Cosmopolitan