Libre Mexican Cantina

Created by the same company (Clique) that brought Hearthstone and Salute to Red Rock casino, Libre is a decent, if uninspired, Mexican restaurant. I actually prefer its predecessor, Mercadito, to this place. At least Mercadito had a unique variety of tacos. The menu at Libre is more run-of-the-mill Mexican designed to appease the suburban palate.… Continue reading Libre Mexican Cantina

2016 UNLVino Sake Fever Food and Wine Festival

This annual foodie event that was held back on April 15, 2016 had to be moved from the Red Rock pool area to convention space in the casino/hotel due to the weather. With a focus on sake, there was also plenty of Asian, and surprisingly non-Asian, eats. I love the idea of these type of… Continue reading 2016 UNLVino Sake Fever Food and Wine Festival

Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar

Hearthstone has taken a page out of the HoneySalt playbook with a look full of rustic and homey elements that make for a cozy dining environment. The transformation of the space formerly occupied by Hachi is remarkable. The space is more inviting with its dark decor, open kitchen, two long bars, a lounge area and… Continue reading Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar


— Originally posted on Yelp on 7/15/09 — The interior of the restaurant is cool and modern but not as over-the-top as many of their competitors on the strip. The hostesses seemed a little aloof and not very inviting, but after being seated the staff we met were very friendly and made our dining experience… Continue reading Hachi