Salted Malted Bakery & Creamery

I have a backlog of reviews I need to write from places I’ve visited five months ago. Salted Malted is one of them and I’m pushing this to the top of the queue, unfortunately, because they’re closing for good this weekend. This place is fantastic. I loved their chocolate chip cookies. It’s everything a great… Continue reading Salted Malted Bakery & Creamery


I’ve heard so many good things about this California import that I was a little skeptical going in. It couldn’t be that good, could it? But after taking a bite of their original chicken and waffle sandwich ($9.25) I was hooked. It’s everything I look for in fried chicken and waffles (in a sandwich form)… Continue reading Bruxie

Pho Vegas

People have raved about the banh mi at this newish spot on Sahara Avenue, so I had to try them for myself. The verdict? It’s the best I’ve had in town. More specifically, it’s the BBQ pork (Banh mi xa xiu) that is amazing with its baked in-house bread blistered and crispy on the outside… Continue reading Pho Vegas

Rachel’s Kitchen

This locally-owned, growing chain touts “wholesome food – delicious recipes.” They do have some decent food, especially when in need for a quick meal. Without a doubt I’d rather come here instead of any national fast food chain. Healthy options are plentiful on their menu, but I tend to go for the bad stuff like… Continue reading Rachel’s Kitchen

Muddy River Bar and Grill

Looking for a place to eat lunch before heading to Roos-N-More (a great, tiny, non-profit zoo an hour north of Las Vegas) we came across one of the only restaurants in the Moapa area. The place was nice and clean inside and wasn’t busy early afternoon on a Saturday. The shredded beef tacos ($6.99) were… Continue reading Muddy River Bar and Grill

Presto Cafe

If you’re looking for a good, quick meal Presto Cafe is a solid option. It definitely isn’t fast-food in terms of that level of quality (or lack thereof) and the prices reflect that. Don’t come here expecting a dollar menu and the typical crap that would be available on one. While not perfect, the food… Continue reading Presto Cafe

Bread and Butter

I don’t know if any food can be called “life changing” but the chocolate tart at Bread and Butter might come close. It’s a chocolate lover’s dream — a small, round single-serving tart with a chocolate crust with two thick, dense layers of creamy, bitter sweet chocolate topped with a few chocolate shavings for added… Continue reading Bread and Butter

Johnny McGuire’s Deli

Below average food at above average prices. This is the kind of boring sandwiches you can get anywhere. Aside from the urban/hipster graffiti/sticker/license plate covered interior, there isn’t much that’s unique.The steak on the Marley sandwich was like the sliced roast beef you can get at any deli. The BBQ sauce that covered it was… Continue reading Johnny McGuire’s Deli

Norm’s Eggs Cafe

Spacious new breakfast and lunch spot off of Durango in the same plaza as TC’s Rib Crib and Burrito Juarez. Friendly, quick service with plenty of tables and counter service in a clean and homey setting. My first visit consisted of their red velvet pancakes ($6.99) — rich, dense, chocolatey pancakes covered in a lattice… Continue reading Norm’s Eggs Cafe

The Hat

This is where arteries go do die. Or at least to get clogged. Ridiculously large portions, unhealthy food… take a look around and you’d think they were casting for “The Biggest Loser”. But, I’m not judging. I’m Merely making observations. The food is actually really good — as far as fast, casual food goes. The… Continue reading The Hat

Pica Pica Maize Kitchen

This little shop is located in the Oxbow Public Market — an upscale food court, of sorts. I love the concept. Arepas aren’t exactly popular with the general public… at least not where I’m from. My son got a grilled cheese maize’wich — just like a regular grilled cheese but with sweet corn bread instead… Continue reading Pica Pica Maize Kitchen

Moo Creamery

I never thought I’d have one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had in Bakersfield, CA. But, on our way to Morro Bay for some camping, we spent the night at Bakersfield. The next morning we found Moo Creamery on our way out of town. Judging from online reviews, it seemed to be better suited… Continue reading Moo Creamery

Eddie D’s

In the Las Vegas sandwich world, everyone is familiar with Capriotti’s Bobbie sandwich. It’s Thanksgiving in a bun and even more delicious than it sounds. Eddie D’s boasts the Robert as it’s challenger to the best turkey day sammie. It’s a bold move to challenge the king and, unfortunately, they fall short. The bread, the… Continue reading Eddie D’s

Va Bene Caffé

The Cosmopolitan is known for it’s amazing array of restaurants. If you’re willing to drop a pretty penny they have something for everyone. However, if you’re looking for some inexpensive fare you have few options, with the exception of Va Bene Caffé. Located on the second floor, close to Holstein, you’ll find a small shop… Continue reading Va Bene Caffé