Inyo Asian Variety Restaurant

***Update: business closed*** The buzz may have died down from their opening, but the food at Inyo is still better than most on Spring Mountain road. My unquestioned favorite items are the chicken wings. Flash fried, no breading, with hints of sweetness covering meaty wings, the Japanese tebasaki wings ($4.95 for 4) are superb. Kushi… Continue reading Inyo Asian Variety Restaurant

Tapas by Alex Stratta

***Update: business closed*** When a restaurant’s two biggest issues are price and food, you’re in trouble. I never had the opportunity to dine at Stratta’s Michelin-starred restaurant at Wynn/Encore, but expected much from his new tapas place in Angelo Sosa’s former Poppy Den spot in Tivoli Village. Dinner for two was over $100, a bit… Continue reading Tapas by Alex Stratta


Lago, Julian Serrano’s third Las Vegas restaurant, occupies the other end of the spectrum from his first — Picasso. While the latter celebrates works from the past in an upscale environment, Lago takes a more casual approach in an often criticized modern setting that is reminiscent of the headquarters of some evil villain from a… Continue reading Lago

Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar

Hearthstone has taken a page out of the HoneySalt playbook with a look full of rustic and homey elements that make for a cozy dining environment. The transformation of the space formerly occupied by Hachi is remarkable. The space is more inviting with its dark decor, open kitchen, two long bars, a lounge area and… Continue reading Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar

808 Tapas East-West Infusion

***Update: business closed*** With my Groupon about to expire, it was time to try this Hawaiian style small plates and sushi restaurant located in the revitalized strip mall at the corner of Sahara and Fort Apache roads. The best items were the ones with bold flavors with ingredients that masked the quality of the fish.… Continue reading 808 Tapas East-West Infusion

The View Wine Bar & Kitchen

***Update: business closed*** In 2012, The View opened in Tivoli Village with Johnny Church at the helm and the place was oozing with the potential for greatness (or at least… very good-ness?). Church has worked for the likes of Charlie Palmer, Bradley Ogden, Michael Mina, and Gordon Ramsay. Unfortunately, his stint didn’t last long before… Continue reading The View Wine Bar & Kitchen

Rx Boiler Room

I’m all for the gastropub fad sweeping through the city, especially with the transformation of the upstairs of RM Seafood (which didn’t exactly strike my fancy) to Rx Boiler Room. Better to have more celebrity chef gastropubs than burger places, in my opinion. The whole steampunk motif is cool although it looks like they spent… Continue reading Rx Boiler Room

La Cave Wine and Food Hideaway

Here’s a review that’s long overdue. I dined at La Cave Wine and Food Hideaway a couple months back for Father’s Day. Created by Michael Morton, co-founder of the N9ne Group, La Cave is an underrated small-plates restaurant at the Wynn. Their weekend brunch is an all you can eat feast served butler style —… Continue reading La Cave Wine and Food Hideaway

Yonaka Modern Japanese

What a novel idea (at least compared to the Strip)… a restaurant whose concept focuses on innovative and artistic food as opposed to the dining atmosphere. Dishes here are equal parts substance and style with ingredients that work together. Some combinations might seem odd, but most work brilliantly. And, they’re not just a million random… Continue reading Yonaka Modern Japanese


Graffiato has gotten plenty of hype since opening in 2011 and, for the most part, lives up to it. Located in Washington, DC’s Chinatown — across the street from the Verizon Center — it is chef Mike Isabella’s first restaurant since departing as executive chef at Jose Andres’ Zaytinya. Isabella, of course, is known from… Continue reading Graffiato

Johnny Smalls

Quantity wins out over quality here. While there are some good items, as a small plates (tapas) restaurant it pales in comparison to Jaleo, Julian Serrano, and other spots around town. But, for $20 (with a Hard Rock hotel players card) you can get the “all you can eat” option and knock yourself silly. For… Continue reading Johnny Smalls