Bell’s BBQ

My meal at Bell’s was another comped experience for local Instagrammers. Family owned and operated, this rustic, yet hip spot features plenty of comfortable booths and table seating with a view into the kitchen. Order at the counter and wait for your food to come to you. The standouts from our meal were catfish beautifully… Continue reading Bell’s BBQ


Chinese food. Southern food. Not exactly a match made in heaven, but they make it work at Chef Natalie Young’s second restaurant. Never one to follow the norm, Chef Nat’s concept of a having a lunch and dinner spot serving two distinct cuisines, recently celebrated it’s one-year anniversary. If the food I tried is indicative… Continue reading Chow

Salt ‘N Pepper Southern Comfort Bar and Grill

***Update: business closed*** Quickly taking over the short lived Tapas, Alex Stratta may have come up with a concept with more staying power than its predecessor. Serving up classic American fare/southern comfort food, this new spot addresses Tapas’s two biggest issues: price and portion size. Entrees here are all under $20 and portions for not… Continue reading Salt ‘N Pepper Southern Comfort Bar and Grill

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

I’ve been in love with southern food since a family trip through the south back in 1982. Since then I’ve had my share of southern dishes, but a recent trip to Yardbird in the Palazzo/Venetian for a friend’s birthday has given me an even greater appreciation for the cuisine. Their version of chicken and waffles… Continue reading Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

Bobby Q Grille

No trip to Bobby Q Grille is complete without trying their ribs. It’s the best thing I’ve tried so far and possibly some of the best ribs in the city. That might not be saying much since Vegas isn’t know for it’s BBQ, but it’s still delicious with it’s slightly charred exterior and fall-off-the-bone tender… Continue reading Bobby Q Grille