Sake Rok

Set your expectations appropriately before dining at this modern Japanese restaurant at the Park next to New York New York. This is the quintessential Las Vegas experience with a show, performed by the servers, that breaks out periodically throughout the night with an engaging MC, great dancers, and plenty of loud music. This isn’t the… Continue reading Sake Rok

To See Roll

This part of the southwest is littered with poke shops almost every block. But, the one I go to time and again has been To See Roll. Like most others, it’s a Subway/Chipotle style of assembling your food starting with a base (black rice is an option), protein, sauces, and toppings. I like the quality… Continue reading To See Roll

Kame Omakase

Chef Eric is doing some special stuff in this small space adjacent to his a la carte sushi restaurant, Yummy Grill. There are 8 spots at the omakase counter so if you want to experience it you better plan ahead and get reservations. I dined with friends and once seated we were treated to over… Continue reading Kame Omakase

Naka Sushi

They’ve got high marks on Yelp, but I was disappointed. It’s an AYCE spot off of Lake Mead Blvd. and I found most rolls to be poorly crafted. Rolls were falling apart before even picking them up and they seemed to have an excessive amount of rice. The quality wasn’t great either with one roll… Continue reading Naka Sushi

Sushi Hiro

Located off of Eastern Ave. in the massive shopping plaza with restaurants like Cafe Zupas and Taco y Taco, Sushi Hiro is a welcome addition to the dining scene. Folks in Henderson don’t have to drive to the Strip or China Town for excellent Japanese food. This modest and modern spot has a long sushi… Continue reading Sushi Hiro

Sushi Neko

I’ve found my new favorite all you can eat sushi spot. The quality is much better than similar spots around town, with their well crafted rolls and cooked dishes putting to shame most other AYCE sushi restaurants. The sashimi roll, wrapped in cucumber, was a good mix of flavors with generous cuts of tuna, salmon,… Continue reading Sushi Neko


Kabuto is unlike any other sushi spot in town (with the exception of the newly opened Yui). If you’re going with someone not familiar with the concept, it’s best to explain it in advance and manage expectations. The history behind Kabuto’s edomae sushi (and honestly, I had to look it up too) dates back roughly… Continue reading Kabuto


Another decent AYCE spot. This one takes over the space formerly occupied by 808 Tapas in the plaza at the corner of Ft. Apache and Sahara. Hanabi has a fairly large menu with some items only available a la carte. Nigiri is the way to go here. The quality is pretty good for an AYCE… Continue reading Hanabi

Katsuya by Starck

Ahh… modern Japanese, straight out of LA. One thing is certain when you visit this restaurant (make that three): the food will be beautiful, the space will be beautiful, and it will be jaw-droppingly expensive relative to the portion size. True to form, the yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño ($21) is both beautiful and tiny with… Continue reading Katsuya by Starck

CRAVE Restaurant

This midwest chain recently opened in the new Downtown Summerlin complex. It claims to be chef driven — and maybe it is — but the quality and execution is on par with similar chain restaurants. The duck confit flatbread ($15.95) was one of the more interesting sounding dishes, but there wasn’t enough duck to balance… Continue reading CRAVE Restaurant

Ichiban West

***Update: business closed*** Located in the spot previously occupied by Nagoya in the small strip mall in the southwest corner of Tropicana and Fort Apache, Ichiban West was dead inside when we arrived around 6pm on a recent Friday night. It’s a nicely decorated, modern interior with a sushi bar and plenty of tables and… Continue reading Ichiban West

Doraku Sushi

After our stellar experience at another, much smaller, Japanese spot a few days earlier, Doraku  couldn’t live up to our expectations. Located in a large mall full of high end shops and tourists around every corner, this is the kind of trendy, style-first restaurant that most people will either love or hate. It was created… Continue reading Doraku Sushi

808 Tapas East-West Infusion

***Update: business closed*** With my Groupon about to expire, it was time to try this Hawaiian style small plates and sushi restaurant located in the revitalized strip mall at the corner of Sahara and Fort Apache roads. The best items were the ones with bold flavors with ingredients that masked the quality of the fish.… Continue reading 808 Tapas East-West Infusion


Buffets and all you can eat (AYCE) establishments are all about quantity. There’s no denying it. You go to those places because you’ve got the appetite of a Survivor contestant who just got voted off the island. You just want to seek and destroy and quality takes a back seat for the night. With that… Continue reading Umiya

Sushi Freak

The latest all-you-can-eat entry in the world of Vegas sushi restaurants is Sushi Freak. According to other reviews (and I’m no journalist so I’m relying on the words of others here) it is owned and operated by an ex chef from RA Sushi Bar and Restaurant at Fashion Show Mall. It occupies the space that… Continue reading Sushi Freak

Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse and Hibachi

I don’t think of hibachi places as big draws, especially for the foodie crowd. So, I was surprised to walk into Ohjah on a Friday night and see the place packed. It’s also a sushi joint, but that side of the restaurant had a few open tables. The hibachi side was filled. That’s impressive considering… Continue reading Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse and Hibachi

Little Buddha Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Little Buddha is kind of like an upscale, more expensive PF Changs. If the thought of that scares you, this probably isn’t the restaurant for you. Don’t come here looking for authentic dishes. This place is an asian fusion spot that has many familiar items on its menu. So, if you’re craving popular sushi items… Continue reading Little Buddha Restaurant & Sushi Bar