Salt ‘N Pepper Southern Comfort Bar and Grill

***Update: business closed*** Quickly taking over the short lived Tapas, Alex Stratta may have come up with a concept with more staying power than its predecessor. Serving up classic American fare/southern comfort food, this new spot addresses Tapas’s two biggest issues: price and portion size. Entrees here are all under $20 and portions for not… Continue reading Salt ‘N Pepper Southern Comfort Bar and Grill


***Update: business closed*** Occupying the spot previously known as Pizza Lounge, Social joins the ranks of restaurants that try, or have tried, to succeed in Tivoli. Walking in during happy hour one day not too long ago and the place was empty, except for a couple seated in a corner of the dining room. We… Continue reading Social

The View Wine Bar & Kitchen

***Update: business closed*** In 2012, The View opened in Tivoli Village with Johnny Church at the helm and the place was oozing with the potential for greatness (or at least… very good-ness?). Church has worked for the likes of Charlie Palmer, Bradley Ogden, Michael Mina, and Gordon Ramsay. Unfortunately, his stint didn’t last long before… Continue reading The View Wine Bar & Kitchen

Poppy Den By Angelo Sosa

Is Angelo Sosa the next Wolfgang Puck? Ol’ Wolfy started a Vegas revolution when he opened Spago back in ’92 and other celebrity chefs followed. Sosa is one of the first TV celeb chefs to open a spot in the Vegas ‘burbs and hopefully more will follow (it’s great to hear Bradley Ogden has plans… Continue reading Poppy Den By Angelo Sosa

Bottles & Burgers By Double Helix

This is one place that I think is underrated. It may be a notch below the top spots in town, but they still have some quality burgers at reasonable prices and a menu diverse enough to placate the pickiest eaters (adults and kids). Owned and operated by the Double Helix Wine & Restaurant Group, this… Continue reading Bottles & Burgers By Double Helix