Le Pho Vietnamese Kitchen

A downtown hit since the day they opened, I finally had the chance to visit a while back. Located on the ground floor of the Juhl condos the interior is dark and intimate, despite it’s fairly large size. This is more refined and upscale Vietnamese food than what you’ll typically find on Spring Mountain Road.… Continue reading Le Pho Vietnamese Kitchen

Pho Vegas

People have raved about the banh mi at this newish spot on Sahara Avenue, so I had to try them for myself. The verdict? It’s the best I’ve had in town. More specifically, it’s the BBQ pork (Banh mi xa xiu) that is amazing with its baked in-house bread blistered and crispy on the outside… Continue reading Pho Vegas

Pho Vietnam Grille Express

Another newish Vietnamese spot in the Lakes/Spring Valley area. This one can be a tough find, as it’s tucked away in a small, mostly empty strip mall behind Arby’s off of Durango. You’ll be hard pressed to find friendlier service than at this family-run spot. Fried pork spring rolls ($5) were good, particularly the ones… Continue reading Pho Vietnam Grille Express

Rainbow Asian Cuisine

Attached to the Best Western in Johnson City, we dined here after arriving around 10pm. Tired from a long drive from northern Virginia to Tennessee, this was our first stop in a cross country trip with our final destination being Las Vegas. There’s a dining area complete with typical Asian motifs; a pool table; bar;… Continue reading Rainbow Asian Cuisine

Pho Bosa

Of all the restaurant openings in 2012, the news of this one made me happier than any other. It was a sad day when Bosa 1 closed, and with it some of the best Vietnamese food in town. Now called Pho Bosa, it’s closer to the Strip (although unfortunately farther from my house) with all… Continue reading Pho Bosa

Kinh Do

I stopped by to grab lunch to go. The interior is spacious, modern, and clean with one large TV hanging on the wall to the left as you walk in. Not all of the chairs match. You might not notice at first, but there are about three of four different styles of chairs throughout… not… Continue reading Kinh Do

Da Lat

I go through phases where I like certain types of food and every time I eat out I have to get it. I’ve gone through sushi and taco phases. Now I’m on to my bún phase. Sure, it’s not exactly healthy with all those carbs from the vermicelli noodles or the fried egg rolls or… Continue reading Da Lat

Pho Saigon 8

I stopped by to get some take out. Here’s what I got: * #61- Bún Bo Nuong Sa ($7.50) -it was a large portion of lemongrass beef. The beef was lean with very little fat; tender and flavorful. * #71 – Bún Thit Nuong Cha Gio ($7.75) – excellent  grilled pork and there was plenty… Continue reading Pho Saigon 8

Bosa 1

Up until a few weeks ago the only Vietnamese food I ate was pho. I’ve just never been too excited about Vietnamese cuisine. Growing up I had a really good friend who was Vietnamese. Every time I would go over to his house his parents were cooking. Even if I stopped by late at night… Continue reading Bosa 1

Binh Minh Quan

My sister and her family, who live in Oakland, have been here several times and wanted to bring me (and my fam) here to experience some good Vietnamese. I definitely don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to this cuisine because my history with Vietnamese food ranges from pho to… um… that’s about… Continue reading Binh Minh Quan

Hue Thai

I’m trying to expand my lunch options, so it was another banh mi stop. This time at Hue Thai. When I walked in on a recent Friday afternoon the place was empty except for one family eating lunch. The interior is dark and cavernous, with the walls and ceilings strangely painted with an underwater mural.… Continue reading Hue Thai

Jenni Pho

— Originally posted on Yelp on 7/21/09 — I’m no expert at Vietnamese food, but I think this place is pretty good. The pho is good and the portions are big and cheap. Leftovers even taste great the day after. The veggie springrolls might be the best thing about this place. The staff was very… Continue reading Jenni Pho