Opened in 2015 by Frenchman Jonathan Pluvinet, Rosallie is a family business that began in the 1980s with Pluvinet’s parents’ cafe of the same name operating in the south of France. Filled with items created by family recipes, this cafe has quickly become a go-to destination in Las Vegas. The pastries are exceptional. It may… Continue reading Rosallie

South Rims Wine and Beer Garage

What’s a beer garage? apparently it’s a restaurant with a car inside. South Rims Wine and Beer Garage has a real ’67 Pontiac GTO right inside the front door. It’s a thing of beauty but a shame that no one gets to drive it. The restaurant has several sections to it. There’s the front patio,… Continue reading South Rims Wine and Beer Garage

bin 702

I was here back in January. Located in the Downtown Container Park, it occupies one of the shipping containers on the ground floor adjacent to the kid’s park and stage. The inside is deceptively larger than what one would expect. It’s still tight quarters, but they managed to fit a kitchen/bar and two seating areas… Continue reading bin 702

The View Wine Bar & Kitchen

***Update: business closed*** In 2012, The View opened in Tivoli Village with Johnny Church at the helm and the place was oozing with the potential for greatness (or at least… very good-ness?). Church has worked for the likes of Charlie Palmer, Bradley Ogden, Michael Mina, and Gordon Ramsay. Unfortunately, his stint didn’t last long before… Continue reading The View Wine Bar & Kitchen

Double Helix Wine & Whiskey Lounge

Double Helix is one of the few non-chain restaurants at Town Square, although they do have another location — their original one — at the Palazzo on the Strip and a sister restaurant, Bottles & Burgers, at Tivoli Village. Their laid back and loungey atmosphere also set them apart from the loud, migraine-inducing madness of… Continue reading Double Helix Wine & Whiskey Lounge


Sustainable, organic, local… some of the buzzwords that get tossed around by restaurants these days. I guess I should care. And, to some extent I do, particularly when I see how it affects a restaurant’s dishes. Ripple is a good example of a menu evolving daily based on available ingredients. They have some mainstays, but… Continue reading Ripple