— Originally posted on Yelp on 11/12/09 —

I was here with six other guys to watch the early games on Sunday. Finally checking out the place formerly known as just “The Sportsbook” which was formerly known as the 40/40 Club. We reserved one of the tables along the outside of the stadium seating. The whole place is impressive… large screen TVs everywhere… oversized comfy couches. Each reserved area has it’s own TV, which was great for us because we wanted to watch the Skins-Falcons game, which most people probably didn’t care about unless they had money on it. One negative about this place is that the only audio they pipe in is the feed from the game on the main screen. It would be nice if each table had it’s own separate audio system since they’re somewhat secluded.

The place is a lot bigger than it looks when you first walk in from inside the Palazzo. If you walk past the tables and stadium seating and down the hall you’ll see some video poker machines to the left and some luxury suites/sky boxes, which are even more secluded. They’ve got their own video games and billiard tables. There’s a lower level with tables (mostly 4-tops I think) for folks to eat. Outside they’ve got more couches, patio seating and billiard tables. The sports book is located at the base of the stadium seating.

The food was disappointing. It was mainly standard bar food that tasted average at best. They have one breakfast item for people who get there early. It was a tortilla bowl with all kinds of breakfast crap thrown in (eggs, sausage, bacon, etc.). It didn’t look appetizing to me but one of my friends ate the whole thing. Their lunch menu is available starting at 10am. We tried the crab cakes, 2 different types of pizza, onion rings, fries, chicken wraps, wings, and cheesecake. The crab cakes had a frozen-food/grocery store quality to them — shredded bits of crab mixed with lots of filler. And they were shaped exactly like hockey pucks. I was expecting to see the NHL logo on them. Pizzas were average. Wraps were average. Wings were average. Onion rings and fries may have been the best stuff there. The cheesecake wasn’t bad either. As other reviews have mentioned, they don’t have pitchers of beer. But you can get a bucket of five and the sixth one was free. Their beer selection is fairly limited, but have standard stuff like Corona and some lesser known stuff like Fat Tire (which I love).

Prices are very reasonable. $6-7 for each bottle of beer. Appetizers for around the same price. Entrees ranged from $12- 20+. We were told that there was a $50 min/per person for our area, but after reading some of the other reviews it sounds like others were told it was a $25 minimum. And, as others have stated it’s a lot tougher to meet that minimum than you would think because everything is so moderately priced. In the end, we were only charged for what we ordered (not all of us met the $50 min) and the waitress said that they only tell people about the minimums so people won’t reserve tables and only order water and one appetizer. The service was decent. The place was packed for all the NFL action, so our waitress was running around and seemed a little overwhelmed.

Overall, it’s a great place to catch a game. Especially if it’s playing on the main screen. They get high marks for atmosphere but the food needs to improve.

4 Stars

3325 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 607-2665