— Originally posted on Yelp on 8/26/09 —

I had high expectations for this place after reading the reviews, but left disappointed. Dinner started out well with the yellowtail sashimi w/ jalapeños. The fish was flavorful and fresh and the jalapeños provided a good amount of heat. The onion and sweet potato tempura was good but nothing special. The spicy tuna roll wasn’t that great — possibly too much mayo and not enough tuna in the mix. The unagi with kiwi and mango had a distinct sweetness to it which was refreshing and unique but the eel may have been overcooked. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable and they were incredibly quick to pick up dishes when we were done. The atmosphere was nice and cozy, esp. because they sat us right next to the only other party in the restaurant leaving the rest of the place completely empty. I dunno… I think I would have preferred a little personal space. I expected to be blown away by the food since the exec chef trained under Matsuhisa. But the whole experience was underwhelming. Other items on the menu sounded great so this place might be worth another try.

3 Stars

8480 W Desert Inn Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 871-7781