— Originally posted on Yelp on 4/18/10 —

Finally made it to the downtown Firefly location. Friday night reservations at 6:30 for a party of 4.

– gazpacho: delicious
– stuffed dates: the dates might be a little small but they’re amazing. Love the blue cheese and red wine reduction
– veggie empanada: 2 empanadas filled w/ a gooey and tasty mix of spinach, mushrooms, artichokes and cheese
– ham and cheese croquetas: 3 of them fried perfectly with a delicious ham and cheese mixture inside
– chicken and chorizo stuffed mushrooms: one of the best dishes of the night
– crispy duck rolls: 1 large roll over stuffed with duck and cut diagonally lengthwise. Wonderful flavor.
– fried calamari: good, but nothing special
– chocolate cherry bread pudding: the bread pudding was delicious, but I wasn’t crazy about the cherry sauce and port reduction. Tasted a little too tart.
– passion fruit mini chesecakes: 3 small cheesecakes. I couldn’t really detect the passion fruit flavor. Tasted like plain cheesecake to me.
– white sangria: 2 people can easily finish off one pitcher — it comes out to about 4 glasses per person.

– steamed mussels: beautiful presentation, awful ‘rancid-fish’ taste
– ahi tuna skewers: decent flavors, but there was too much going on. Too many ingredients. It looked like a big mess

The service was great. We had a cute blonde waitress named Ferrin (no idea how to spell that) who was quick to greet us and take our orders. Food came out really quickly. It actually would have been better if they spaced out the dishes a little more so we could enjoy two or three dishes at a time and hang out longer. I think we had all of our dishes (except for the desserts) within 30 minutes, which made for a quick dinner. Our waitress was always around, asking how our food was and refilling our glasses. I never had to refill my sangria all night. That’s good service.

The mussels were so bad that we only ate one and had to send it back. Ferrin was cool about it, apologizing for the taste, taking it off the table, and more importantly taking it off of our check. She made a few good suggestions for alternate dishes and quickly brought out a new dish after we ordered it.

As other reviews have mentioned, the atmosphere is cool — a glass dome overlooking Fremont Street. We were seated in a booth which gave us a great view. There was some country music award show in town and a country band playing on Fremont Street so there were stetsons-aplenty down there.

I really wanted to give this place five stars because some of the dishes were great and the service was wonderful. But because a couple of the dishes weren’t good they’ll have to settle for 4.

4 Stars

1 Main St
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 380-1352

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