— Originally posted on Yelp on 4/10/10 —

I love just about anything with lobster. Lobster bisque, lobster pot pie, grilled lobster, lobster mac & cheese, lobster ravioli, lobster salad… if it’s got lobster, chances are I’m going to like it. In a way, it’s kind of like bacon. You can add it to just about anything and it instantly makes a dish better. So, when I heard Not Your Average Deli had lobster rolls I was excited to try one. Now, I’m not talking about lobster ‘sushi’ rolls… I’m talking about a sandwich roll filled with a lobster/mayonnaise mixture. I’ve never had a true New England lobster roll but have had a few in Maryland so I had a little bit of an idea of what to expect.

NYAD is located on Sunset just north of the 215 and off of Decatur in the same strip mall as Phat Phrank’s. It’s a small space that has few decorations except for a few nets with lobsters lining the walls and a few pictures. It definitely has that New England vibe in a sort of minimalist way.

As for the food… well, the lobster roll was very tasty but it was a little smaller than what I expected. For $11.99 I was hoping for a large sandwich overflowing with lobster. Instead I got what amounted to a 5 or 6 inch sub with a decent, but not mind-blowing, amount of lobster. I devoured it in a couple minutes and it still left me hungry. It’s also served with fries (which were delicious) and cole slaw.

They do get extra points for making a half sandwich for my son (for $3.59) even though they don’t have a kids menu. They were more than happy to accommodate him instead of forcing me to buy a whole sandwich for him. His ham and cheese was really good — sliced ham with american cheese on wheat bread that was grilled.

I would definitely consider coming back to try other sandwiches or even have the lobster roll again. But for that price it’s not something I would do often, just when I’m in need of  a lobster sandwich fix.

3.5 Stars

4850 West Sunset Road
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 367-2549