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With my newly purchased Groupon in hand we decided to check out Match last Friday night. It’s located at the corner of Maryland Pkwy and Silverado Ranch in a strip mall. From the outside it didn’t look too inviting with their “Open” sign not lit up and no patio furniture. But the inside is a different story. It looks like they spent a pretty penny on the interior design of the place (or maybe the previous tenants did?). Either way, it’s got a cool, modern feel. And the top of the bar is eyecatching because it’s made to look like a ship’s hull.

The owner, Gregory, was incredibly nice. Apparently, he’s worked on the strip for over a decade operating restaurants like Morels at the Palazzo. Their concept of “cosmopolitan tapas” seemed a little weird to me at first — not knowing how it would taste to pair flavors from different continents together. I’m also skeptical of restaurants that have large menus, thinking that with so many dishes it’s more difficult for chefs to master all of them. But, based on the  seven dishes we had I was impressed. All but one of the dishes ranged from good to great.

– Spicy sour fish ($5.00) – Red snapper, ponzu, jalapeño. Not as spicy as I expected.
– Seared tuna ($6.00) – lightly seared with a garlic sauce. So fresh, so good.
– Olepe: mussels ($4.00) – my least favorite dish. The flavors were decent but the mussels were too tough
– Dragon balls ($3.50) – my favorite dish of the night. A ball of spicey tuna, chopped onions, and peppers deep fried.
– Garlic sausage ($3.00) – slices of a mild sausage topped with chips of garlic. A very simple dish but it tasted great.
– Croquetas ($3.00) – 2 huge croquetas. They’re about 3 times the size of the croquetas at Firefly. Absolutely delicious.
– Frozen orange ($5.50) – orange sorbet presented inside a hollowed out orange fruit. It’s pre-made and frozen. Although the sorbet was so frozen that I had to chip away at it, the flavor was nice and refreshing.

Their prices are amazing! Most tapas range from 3-6 bucks, cheese plates are $12.00, entrees from $9-17, Korean BBQ is $18, paella $25 pp. Beer prices are around $4-7. Their wine list is filled with some gems that are all reasonably priced. Service was excellent, as well. Our server gave us some great recommendations and did a great job checking in on us throughout our meal. The waitresses all wear schoolgirl outfits that they alter to fit their personalities — some are punk/rocker schoolgirls, others look like your typical sexy schoolgirl. I don’t really get how the outfits fit in with the global tapas concept, but I’m not complaining.

Their concept contains so many different dishes but the interesting thing about it is that you can try the same main ingredient in different cuisines. Want a meal with different styles of pork? They have a Chinese style dish and a Korean one. But it would be cool if they had more dishes with the same protein so you could create a whole meal around that one ingredient — a southern style pork dish, Latin-American pork dish, European pork dish. You get the picture.

Overall, Match is an amazing value. The subtotal with four drinks and tax was $54.59. Minus the Groupon it was $19.59. So, with tip it was just over $31. C’mon, that’s unbelievable considering the quality of the food. I really hope these guys succeed. There needs to be more of these type of restaurants in suburban Las Vegas instead of more chain places. Despite it being a bit of a drive from my place I intend to be back often.

4 Stars

1263 E Silverado Ranch Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89183
(702) 629-4444

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