Okay, I’ve only been here once, so this is just a review of the two rolls I tried not the restaurant as a whole.
– Roppongi ($12.50, spicy tuna, shrimp, green onions) – Wow, it was spicy! First of all, I’m not someone who likes their food extremely spicy. A little kick is good, but this was like getting kicked in the mouth. The sauce was great and overall, a great roll.
– WSOP ($12.50, hamachi,  w/ more hamachi and jalapeno on top) – it was a little bit on the small side, but still a very tasty roll.

The place is a little smaller than what I thought it would be like, based on the pictures. But, It’s a cozy and comfortable environment. The staff was very friendly and welcoming.

4 Stars

— Updated below: 2/3/11 —

I’ve been to Naked Fish’s close to ten times now. I’ve found it to be hit or miss depending on the day. I don’t know when they get their fish shipments in, but it’s clear that consistency is an issue. Some days the sushi, nigiri, and rolls can rival that of any sushi place in town. Other times it has the quality of a cheap buffet. I’ll still come back with the hopes that my next visit will be on a good day.

4 Stars

3945 S Durango Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89147
(702) 228-8856