STOLI DOLI. That’s the number one reason to stop by the Capital Grille in Fashion Show Mall. Stoli vodka infused with pineapple. It’s a simple drink with not a lot of bite, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s not potent. The concoction is allowed to sit for over a week in a large glass jar, which makes the vodka taste sweet and smooth. And it goes down easy, maybe a little too easy.

After hanging out at the bar for a bit our party of four got a table in the dining room. While not my top choice of steakhouses in Las Vegas, The Capital Grille is still a good, dependable place to eat. It’s a national chain and we’ve tried other locations before (in DC). It’s got an old-fashioned, buttoned-up steakhouse feel. The kind of place that is perfect for the power lunch crowd.

As for the food, most of what we had was very good. The calamari was excellent and crispy. The lobster and crabcakes had large chunks of both crab and lobster with not much filler. The lobster bisque was a little on the bland side. The chopped salad was by far the worse thing we ate. I could pick leaves and weeds from my back yard, toss them in a dish and it would taste similar to their salad. All the steaks (delmonico, filet, and filet oscar) we had were perfectly cooked and seasoned and very tender. For desert we had the chocolate hazelnut cake, obnoxiously big and large enough for four people to share, it was deliciously chocolatey, sweet and moist.

Our waiter did a solid job the whole night, except when the check arrived. He accidentally rung up another tables order on ours. So our bill was over $100 more than expected. For a restaurant of this caliber and a staff that is this well trained that type of error should never happen. But our waiter was quick to correct it and apologized profusely. Not the best way to end dinner, but it still didn’t take away from the fact that the food is very good, although very traditional and conservative.

4 Stars

3200 Las Vegas Boulevard S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 932-6631

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