— Originally posted on Yelp on 7/19/10 —

Three years ago I thought this was one of the best Mexican places around. They had a large menu, quality food and excellent service. Since then, it’s gone downhill. The menu is much smaller, the service is spotty and the food, while still good, isn’t quite what it used to be. It may not be authentic Mexican — it is after all in a casino full of gringos — but it’s still a solid choice to get some Mexican grub. The chimichangas are large and stuffed like Oprah wearing spandex. The carnitas chimichanga is much better than the chicken. The pork (on a good day) has that tender, succulent pulled-pork quality to it, although on occasion it can be a little dry. The enchiladas are also worth getting as they don’t over-sauce them like so many other places. Their rice is also some of the better spanish rice I’ve had around here. It’s not that mushy, inedible pile that can be found elsewhere. Compared to other casino restaurants their prices are good, with many dishes around $10-15.

3 Stars

3333 Blue Diamond Highway
Las Vegas, NV 89162