Between Serendipity 3 and this place Caesar’s has the Vegas market cornered when it comes to over-priced desserts and junk food. But, despite it being a tourist trap I wanted to check it out. Afterall, it’s a tourist trap filled with lots of chocolatey goodness.

I stopped by with my son for lunch and they tried to seat us at a tiny 2-top right by the entrance, outside of the actual restaurant. um… no, not a good choice. I asked to be seated somewhere else. They brought us inside and sat us at another small 2-top. I’m not one to bitch and moan, so we took it. It seems like most of the tables on the lower level are small (They have a second floor that I didn’t check out). When you combine that with the large plates that everything is served on, it makes for a crowded and uncomfortable dining experience.

The menus are kind of ridiculous, both in a good and bad way. There’s a spiral bound book that lists all the sweets. There’s a separate menu for brunch, lunch and dinner with no entrees for less than $12. Even their sandwiches are $13+. Even for Las Vegas standards, I think that’s outrageously pricey. Kids get their own menu with a pack of crayons.

We ordered:
– Blackened skirt steak & mushroom quesadilla ($14.95) – filled with tender strips of steak, sauteed mushrooms, topped with salsa and sour cream and laying on a bed of thin tortilla strips. Mighty tasty, but I couldn’t stop thinking that I was paying for a $14 quesadilla.

– Kid’s order of chicken fingers ($8.25) – 3 chick fingers with waffle fries. My kid loved them and the waffle fries were some of the best I’ve had. The meal comes with a paint brush. A couple of the waiters encouraged my kid to paint with the mustard and ketchup provided. Obviously, they don’t have kids. If I let my kid do that he would have painted himself, me, the table and any poor soul passing by. It’s cool that they encourage that because it makes for a fun, kid-friendly environment, but it may not be the best thing for a two year old to do.

We also ordered a lemonade ($3.50) which was kind of like a slushy and got a dark chocolate hazelnut shake ($7.95) to go. The shake was rich, creamy and delicious.

We were too full to experience their desserts (except for the shake), but I’d gladly come back to try one or two.

The service was excellent. We had a main server who was very attentive and eager to explain the concept of the restaurant and answer any questions. There were also a few other waiters who stopped by to see if we needed anything. Even the hostesses were very friendly. They gave my kid a couple temporary tattoos to put on later as we left.

Yeah, I would go back but probably just for dessert. I still can’t believe I spent $44 (including the tip) for lunch for one adult and a two year old. I’m used to spending a lot for food but this was a little excessive.

3.5 Stars

3500 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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