This place is a weird cafeteria-style eatery. Right when you walk in you see the salad bar. You get in line, fill up your plate with either a pre-made salad or make your own. Then you pay and grab a seat. I find this place to be odd because I’m the type of person who likes to scope out a buffet before deciding what to eat first. At least let me pay then check things out. But to grab a salad, pay, then get more food seems like a bizarre process.

All the food is average. Nothing exceptional, but a few items I would eat again. A couple of the pre-made salads were decent. The cornbread and chocolate peanut butter chip muffin were also good. The focaccia was decent, pastas were below average, and baked potatoes were tiny. They’ve got chocolate and vanilla soft-serve ice cream with some toppings to mix in. They has some sort of low-fat mango mousse which was not good.

The place is clean and the bussers were quick to pick up used plates. It’s a family-friendly restaurant and relatively inexpensive place to eat, but pales in comparison to real buffets around town.

2.5 Stars

9460 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89147
(702) 242-0277