After doing a little hiking we wanted to get something to eat and one of the only places on Mt. Charleston is the Mt.  Charleston Lodge. We were seated quickly but it took a while for anyone to stop by after that. Their menu is filled with a lot of typical bar food — sandwiches, pizzas, soups and salads, etc. Prices are cheaper than on the strip but still pricey considering the place is almost an hour away.

The pulled pork sandwich ($13.00) is a large sandwich with hickory smoked, pulled and marinated pork. Their BBQ sauce was decent but a little sweet and the pork itself was on the mushy side. Not a bad sandwich at all, but I’ve had much better. The southwestern grilled chicken sandwich ($15.00) was ordered on the recommendation of the waiter who assured us it was great. It wasn’t. The menu says it’s a marinated chicken breast with pepper jack cheese, guacamole, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and red onion on a whole wheat roll. It came out without the guac and sprouts so we had to flag down the waiter, who brought out a side of the two ingredients. Even with the added items it was bland and boring. The highlight of both meals was the house-made potato and sweet potato chips.

The place is worth a return visit (again, it’s one of the few places to eat in the area). If you go, prepare to be underwhelmed.

2.5 Stars

1200 Old Park Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89124
(702) 872-5408