There’s a decent selection of restaurants in the Denver airport, one of which is the Wolfgang Puck Express. It’s not a high-end spot, but it sure beats most of the fast food options around. When you walk in it’s a little confusing to order. There are three separate lines — one for sandwiches, one for pizza, and one for salads. It’s not clearly marked so it becomes a little bit of a free-for-all when people started crowding the windows.

The barbeque chicken sandwich was a little dry but the BBQ sauce had a good sweet and zesty flavor. The chicken chinois salad was bland, soggy and just plain bad. The chicken strips, while not freshly cooked, were tasty and came with some delicious mashed potatoes that were covered in some sort of butter sauce. It definitely wasn’t healthy but good, nonetheless.

If you want beer or wine there’s a bar adjacent to the registers.

2.5 Stars

Denver International Airport
Denver, CO 80238
(303) 342-8469