With all of the banh mi reviews recently on Yelp (Misti Y. seems to write one every other day) I was craving some sandwiches. Now, I don’t know anything about banh mi  and my trip to Dakao was my first time trying one. As others have mentioned, Dakao is tiny. There’s only one tiny, metal patio table that seats two in their shop. So plan on eating elsewhere.

I decided to try the grilled chicken and BBQ pork. I didn’t like the chicken. The quality of the meat wasn’t the best and it lacked flavor. The BBQ pork, on the other hand, was a winner. The flavor was good and the amount of pork that filled the baguette made this $3 sandwich a bargain. With the carrots, daikon, cilantro and cucumbers it was a delicious sandwich with a little bit of a kick from the jalapeños. The outside of the bread was crispy, but the inside wasn’t as soft and chewy as I had hoped (old bread perhaps?). Bread is the key to making any good sandwich great, so I can’t give this experience any more than 3 stars.

There was a sign that said “cash only” but when I asked the girl at the register she said they accept credit cards for purchases over $8.

3 Stars

5700 W Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 221-0930