My sister and her family, who live in Oakland, have been here several times and wanted to bring me (and my fam) here to experience some good Vietnamese. I definitely don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to this cuisine because my history with Vietnamese food ranges from pho to… um… that’s about it, come to think of it. But, what I tried was really freakin’ good! A broken rice combo platter with imperial rolls, BBQ pork, shredded pork, shrimp, and a shrimp cake.

The best of the platter were the delicious and crispy imperial rolls, the sweet and succulent pork, and the shrimp cake which had plenty of chunks of shrimp and wasn’t too eggy. The shrimp was good, but not mind-blowing. I wasn’t crazy about the texture and taste of the shredded pork. It was my first time eating it, after all, and I was expecting something more like pulled pork from a barbeque joint. All in all, I loved the meal and my wife has a new favorite dish — bún. She loved the vermicelli noodles and all the veggies.

4 Stars

338 12th St
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 893-8136