Up until a few weeks ago the only Vietnamese food I ate was pho. I’ve just never been too excited about Vietnamese cuisine. Growing up I had a really good friend who was Vietnamese. Every time I would go over to his house his parents were cooking. Even if I stopped by late at night they were cooking. I never understood why. Being the Americanized kid I was, I didn’t like the smell so maybe that turned me off to Vietnamese food.

I’m glad I’m finally getting into the cuisine because the stuff I’ve had recently was amazing. And cheap! I’m not sure what I like more — the broken rice dishes or bún. The proteins served with the com tam and bún have been memorable. The grilled chicken and BBQ pork are so savory and delicious and their shrimp cakes and egg rolls are amazing. Servings are fairly large and the prices make it a great value.

Maybe if I could cook food like this I’d be cooking all night long just like my friend’s parents.

4 Stars

3400 S Jones Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 418-1931

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