I’ll admit that I got suckered into Miette because I saw their gingerbread cupcake featured on Food Network’s “America’s Best” series. With that kind of hype, I knew it was almost impossible for my expectations to have been met. I tried it anyway, and even though it was a delicious cupcake it wasn’t even the best product I tried from Miette (let alone the best cupcake in the country). The award for tastiest treat at Miette should go to their mini Scharffen Berger cakes ($6). It’s a thick, moist, chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache. If you love chocolate, you have to get this. As rich and sweet as it was, it still wasn’t as sugary sweet or overpowering as one might think.

Luckily, when I walked in half an hour before they closed there was one left for me to purchase. There wasn’t much else to choose from and based on what the girl at the register said, their location in San Francisco has a much larger selection of items. I did end up getting several other cupcakes and pretty much cleaned them out. Hopefully, the girl in line behind me didn’t want anything other than the vanilla or chocolate cupcakes left behind.

The chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream I tried was good, as was the carrot cake cupcake. But the vanilla with vanilla buttercream was as dry, bland and tough to swallow as a week-old cupcake.

The store is a little on the small side and tucked away from the high-traffic area of Jack London Square behind Bocanova, on Webster Street.

3 Stars

85 Webster Street
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 663-1300