I go through phases where I like certain types of food and every time I eat out I have to get it. I’ve gone through sushi and taco phases. Now I’m on to my bún phase. Sure, it’s not exactly healthy with all those carbs from the vermicelli noodles or the fried egg rolls or the fish sauce or large portions of meat. But it sure is delicious.

Today’s stop was Da Lat, a small shop a couple blocks west of the Palms, in a strip mall. The dining room is full of tables with not a lot of space to walk in between. You can sit at a table and wait for service or walk up to the counter and order for takeout. I opted for takeout.

Bún w/ egg rolls and BBQ pork ($8.10) — excellent, silky-smooth noodles; thin, tender, sweet and savory pork; good, but small egg rolls. The dish could have used more veggies, as there wasn’t enough cucumbers and no carrots that I could spot; a few sprouts and some mint rounded out the dish.

The service was quick and very friendly. The girl behind the counter was nice enough to chat for a bit as I waited for my order (Pho Saigon 8 should take note of the friendly service here). I’ll definitely be back.

4 Stars

4553 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 871-5285